The Purge

The Purge


Get ready for Friday’s Lunar Eclipse. It is a full moon, a lunar eclipse and the beginning of the Lion’s Gate!

It’s a very important day. I ask all those who are reading this message to please meditate on this day. While it is understood that you have your 3D/4D lives to contend with, just try if you are able!

 There’s a lot of energy coming in (and has been already for the last few days). This energy that has been coming, for the most part, has been “purging energy.” It is to purge from our energetic field (Aura/Merkaba) and the lower vibrational energies. Some people that I have been speaking with have been getting depressed and didn’t understand why, feeling edgy, angry and so on.

Please have an understanding or awareness that it’s the energies making these feelings surface to be purged, and they may not all be your own. You are also purging for the human collective consciousness which is another big thing to consider. 

Please have an awareness that these are not originating from you! It is the effect of the energies that have been coming in. Once you have awareness of what is really happening it will ease what is going on. It’s kind of like mystery illnesses and once you know the “whys” and the “hows”, then you can begin to heal.

I have personally been purging like crazy! Lol! But I have awareness as to what’s going on. I am going to give my process of what I do and this will help others who might be going through this as well.

Have awareness – if you feel a heaviness somewhere in your body (which might be pressure in the head, a stomach ache, or just something that feels “off in the body,” It might also be a thought or emotion (negative/lower vibrational thought). As soon as I notice this taking place, I visualize moving that energy to my heart center; Then I will say, “I acknowledge this energy, and now I release it back to the Divine Source to be transmuted back into Love and Light and showered back down upon the earth in a million stars ‚ú® of Love.

I acknowledge it, release it, and let it go!!!” Then, I set my Intent!

Your intent is very powerful! 

I will say something like this, “I intend to create and manifest Love, Peace, Happiness and Joy for the human collective consciousness, to fill the void or space where the lower vibrational energies have been released. 

So be it, so be it, so it, and so it is! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” (The power of 3)

I told my friend about this practice as she’s also feeling the energy. She told me that she feels at peace right after she does this practice, right up until the next energy wave comes in. Then she says it again, even when she is at work.

I was told that the 27th is the start/beginning of a new timeline (the old 3D paradigm one is ending) and however we find ourselves to be on this day is what we will create for our new timeline. So if you are angry, stressed fearful, (any of the lower vibrational energies) that will be the new timeline focus that you are creating for yourself. If you are in a state of high vibrational thoughts then that is the new timeline focus that you are creating for yourself. 

That is why it’s very important to meditate on that day to keep yourself calm and in a state of peace.

As I always say, keep the information that resonates with you in your heart and if this message does not resonate with you then toss it away. 

Always use your discernment as to what resonates with you.

With Much Love and Light!




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