The Question Of Life

The Question of Life

Consciousness Explorations

What am I? Who am I? Do I even exist? Do you?

It has come to my attention that “I”, the person I’ve been developing into throughout this lifetime, may not exist at all. The value of BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) supports this hypothesis – that “I” am composed of and connected to an incomprehensible amount of consciousness-energy; an unlimited pool of such energy that may or may not have chosen to incarnate throughout time, and space, and dimensions in an unlimited variety of forms.

If we’re composed of layers with different frequencies and origins, such as Gaia, life forms, and consciousness – all the way up to and including Source itself. You cannot help but ask yourself, who then, or what am I? What is the purpose of “I”? How do you feel about this?

It’s a question I used to wrestle with. It has caused me anxiety to think that I may not be an “I” at all, but a We, or an Us, or even an It. However, this anxiety has now disappeared and I’m comfortable with it. In fact, I’m now even comforted by this concept, rather than fearful. For if the concept of being part of a “Divine” being is a valid one, and I’m part of it; it surely is an empowering concept rather than a disempowered one. And if this Divine being, awareness, or consciousness, is the creative force that enables itself to create this reality, then I (and We), are all a part of this single entity or force. Surely that implies that we, and I, have the ability (albeit collectively) to create the reality we desire?

Does this explain the numerous phenomena we all experience, whether it’s realized or not? That some might define as being paranormal? Phenomena such as: precognition, Deja vu, synchronicities, telekinesis, past, concurrent and future life memories, guidance from animals, horoscopes, using Tarot, along with more examples that I could give.

Have we, or do we, create the animals and plants along with everything else in our reality with the view that they can be used to guide and instruct us? Providing lessons from which we can learn who and what we are? Or perhaps for the purpose of an ever-expanding and changing playground for us to experience all that we can? Is this why the Universe is ever expanding, rather than contracting as previously predicted? We, the collective creative consciousness is creating more, and more for itself to experience?

These questions fascinate me, but also invigorate me. However, I’m also aware of how much we don’t know, and that we may never know the answers to these questions. The truth of who and what we are is perhaps not what’s important, for truth is always subjective. Instead, it’s the experience of the journey of life itself which is important. For life’s knowledge is not our teacher, but the experiences garnered along the way.

Article by Melony Gallagher, BSc (Hons)



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