The Trip Of A Lifetime Join Us

The Trip of a Lifetime – Join us



Have you heard of this picturesque village which is a top ski holiday destination in Greece?
It is also where the archaeological site of Delphi is – you know, the navel of the world and the Oracles. Delphi has been the meeting place for all sorts of travellers since the ancient time and a group of Quantum Healing Practitioners are going on a pilgrimage in this region during the last weekend of May this year.

‘Why Arachova?’ I hear you say. Well, it all started when yours truly made a little wish. I wanted to meet these loving, caring souls whom I got to know through the Quantum Healing Forum and I wanted everyone to come to Greece which has been my home for the last two years. I chose the Arachova region because it has some of my favourite places and the most amazing energy.

Our 4-day/3-night trip is more than just sight-seeing and bonding within our group. Some of our participants kindly offer their services unconditionally and together with the local council, we are holding two free events for the local people in their native language. I’m looking forward to this event – group meditation with local people – go live so that all of our forum members can join in, and of course even non-members because, why not? We are only limited by our imaginations!

During a Quantum Healing with Candace live Facebook Interview, Ron Amit and Michael James Garber shared information that came through about what it takes to succeed in the big project that they are working on. “You need to come together with the people that are also receiving the same downloads. Then together you make it, it’s about unity, it’s about collaboration.”

This is so true for how the Arachova trip is coming together. I’m receiving so much help from both our forum members (some of which aren’t even coming.) and the local people as well. What’s more is that without the loving care of the Quantum Healing Practitioner Community, my little wish would still remain only in my head.

I was very much an introvert and my favourite thing to do was to hide away at home. I joined this community when the first month subscription was free with the added perk of being listed on the practitioner’s listing.

The Trip Of A Lifetime Join Us

One day, after several failed practice sessions and much procrastination, I started a discussion to ask for advice. What I received was much more than practical advice. The amount of love, encouragement and energetic hugs poured in from both the discussion and private messages. I honestly did not expect this kind of help but the Forum is full of kind, intuitive people and they gave me what I really needed in the most loving ways.

I was very cautious about posting anything there at the beginning because I had some unpleasant experience with other groups, but after much observation the Forum felt safe and it continues to be a safe. Our members don’t always hold the same opinions and although opposing ideas are expressed, the discussions are always constructive.

How is this possible?
Candace Craw-Goldman the creator of the original QHHT® forum is the most allowing and supportive person that I know. I witnessed many times when a member came up with an idea, and her small team would implement this new idea in record time. When I first emailed Candace regarding the retreat idea, she immediately said ‘why not’ and gave me some guidelines on what to prepare without questioning my credentials. She also allowed me the opportunity to present the itinerary in our last meeting in Europe which was when I first met her in person. Her allowing and generous spirit is what cultivates our community into what it is today.

What exactly do we do within the Quantum Healing Forum?
There are pages and pages of discussions, from session stories and advice to metaphysical topics; from business and marketing ideas to technology info. There are even discussions on movies and arts because we are regular people who have many interests. Some members look for research subjects, some exchange sessions with one another, some ask to meet members in the same area or when they travel. There are also online group meetings such as Study Groups for new practitioners with experienced practitioners to guide them. There is even a ‘Coffee Hour’ Group in which we just have a nice chat about anything that pops up. It’s all about bonding and collaborating.

There is absolutely no hierarchy at all in our community. Everyone is free to share their opinion and treated respectfully. If you are still wondering whether joining us at the Quantum Healing Forum and Practitioner Listing would enhance your journey? The best way to find out is to take up our 30-day Free Trial to check out our content as well as meeting our members.

If you’re already a member or thinking of joining us and finding out more about our trip to Arachova on 25-28 May this year? Just send me a message and I will tell you all there is to know. We now still have a few available spots in this family-run hotel. Just to give you an idea, the cost for one person on twin-share basis is 260 Euro which includes a 3-night hotel stay and 3 breakfasts, guided trekking tour, pick-up and drop-off from central Athens, Greece and much more.

Why so inexpensive?
Because no one is earning any money from this trip other than our service providers! Our group is just cool like that! You are welcome to bring your partner, friends or family members too as long as you are sharing the same room.

If you really want to join us in Arachova but already got something else planned? Fear not! Since our first reunion in St. Joseph in late 2016, we had our Germany Reunion last year, and also our Sarasota Florida Conference. Our Real-Life-Get-Together Events seem to becoming more and more frequent. In fact, there are already discussions about a camping trip in California. Who knows, maybe You will be the one hosting our next event in your area. All it takes is a bit of imagination and collaboration!

Visit us here on Practitioner Blog and on the Quantum Healing and Beyond Facebook page. There are a lot of resources shared by our members as well as live interviews and information about upcoming events.

Here is a snippet of our Germany Reunion last year. The song was written and produced by our fellow QHHT® Practitioner Khi Robertson to honour our beloved teacher Dolores Cannon.

Article by Stephanie Shek

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