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The Wind, A Brain Re-wire, and Long Distance Quantum Healing


As the winds of Irma, currently a tropical storm at the time of this writing, continue to blow into the eastern seaboard of the United States, It has me thinking so much of the element of wind itself. The wind in wild storms, an every day wind, warm winds, cool winds, the absence of any wind, a gentle breeze…there are so many ways wind comes into our lives.

I’d hoped to have a more complete report of conditions in Sarasota for those of you who are coming to our Quantum Healing 5D and Beyond Conference in Florida by now, but information is still coming in. Things are looking good, though, very good, for all to be well for our event that is in just 3 weeks time. The airport is open, and although damage is widespread in the Sarasota area it is certainly overall much less than expected.

So while we wait, I decided to share a Quantum Healing Session story where the wind played a central role. It is important to note that this particular session was a ZOOM internet web conference session- one where my client and I connected via our computers. She lived several states away and was unable to travel to my Wellness studio. This particular session happened earlier year and will forever be a most memorable one for me!

March 2017- The weather here in the Midwest of the United States has been very unstable and we have had a great deal of powerful warm wind blowing in from the south. Kansas is particularly windy because of our grassland prairies. We don’t have a great many trees or land elements to break up the wind’s path. As a matter of fact for those of you who do not know, our state's name is derived from the Kansa Native Americans. Kansa means “People of the South Wind”

The winds were so strong that day. 35 mph sustained winds and gusts this day went up to 75mph! And it was gusting a lot. The wind was coming in the house in whistles and shuddering all the windows and doors even though they were tightly closed. Several of the gutters were vibrating and creaks and groans and pops were coming from all over the structure.

The photo below shows the doorway that faces south and that open pasture and hayfield has no wind break at all. Those are Tibetan prayer flags and they were torn from their tether and whipping wildly in the wind all day long. I was sitting right by that doorway for my appointment that day.

The session was great and the client was having a good experience. It was in the “healing portion” of the session where things got really interesting. Quite often and more so lately than ever, the Higher Self announced that the client required some “brain rewiring.” This was nothing unusual. And, as often is the case in these sessions, as the powerful energy entered into my client at her location, several hundred miles away, I also felt the energy come into the room where I was sitting as well.

I once again felt my own head affected and reflecting (and likely benefiting from) the brain-rewire as well. I asked the client to tell me what it felt like for her while it was happening. Interestingly enough for her – it was experienced as a heaviness in her head she had had for a while that was dissipating. For me it was something a bit different, more like a sparkly, tingly criss-crossing and fizzy energy.

The energy was so powerful. It was really quite lovely, and so loving. I was enjoying it immensely when I happened to notice first the room and then the entire house had become very quiet. No whistles. No shuddering windows. No banging gutters!

What was happening?

I looked out the window and these Tibetan flags hung DEAD STILL. No movement at all. The house was silent.

But outside, I could see that the clouds and the elm trees were still whipping madly about. But the house itself was completely still. No wind. No wind at all, for perhaps 2 or 3 full minutes. And 2 or 3 minutes is a very long time when something like this happens. It was not for just a few seconds. And the pressure in the house and my head palpably changed. No wind!

My jaw dropped. It was like the house was taken out of the reality of the wind- or the energy vortex coming in kept the wind from having an effect on the house itself? I don’t know exactly what was happening but the silence of the entire house and absence of wind for that length of time made no logical sense. We were in a windstorm. We had no windbreak, and the stillness came at the height of the healing portion of the quantum healing session!

Finally, as the energy of the healing began to dissipate a bit, the flags started moving again, but very obviously in the opposite direction! They flew directly into the wind for a short time, and then…finally they all went back to normal, the whistles, the shudders of the wind on the house started up again and the flags flew toward the north and against the door, being whipped about by the quite violent southerly wind.

I have come to expect orbs, lights, knocks, sounds, sparkles and energy in sessions, but to see and feel the entire house I was sitting in be affected in this way for a LONG DISTANCE quantum healing session was just amazing! And forgive me in advance for the pun, but the fact that this intense healing for my client in Utah was felt by me energetically and also affected my entire home in Kansas just blew me away! J

The client was elated when the session was over. She was almost giddy she felt so wonderful, and she practically jumped up off the bed like an excited little girl.

 All things being equal, I always suggest one experience a regression in person, but all things are not always equal and in-person sessions are not always available, feasible or sometimes even desired. And while I’ve known for quite some time that Quantum Healing works, well, quantumly, and one need not be in the same physical location for a powerful connection to be made and powerful healing to be experienced, to have that vortex of healing completely surround my home and stop the wind from touching during that crazy wind, well, it will be something I will never forget.

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