There Are No Rules

There are No Rules

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Editor’s Note: The following session illustrates, most beautifully and perfectly, the idea about “rules” and the concept of the idea of strict adherence to the procedure in a quantum healing method. Now to be very very clear. If you AGREE and WANT to adhere by rules of anyone’s making, yours or others then, more power to you! I created BQH in part because I found I could no longer, in good conscience follow rules. I felt it would go against the client’s best interest. I just couldn’t.

This session story is from our long-time member 
Thia_Rose. Here is what she says about rules: I don’t adhere to any “rules”. I think rules are silly when talking about the quantum field, which is infinite and eternal. Each client is different, and we have to be flexible enough to do what is needed for each of them, and that requires clear communication with our spiritual team, and the confidence to go with their suggestions. 

You have no idea what it means to me to be a part of this talented international group of star children and lightworkers.  I feel blessed to be doing this work with all of you!

Here is her session story.

Hello, beautiful beings of this forum

I had a session last week that, for me, was unusual. The client was in her early ’70’s.  She is kind of like a fish out of water in 3rd dimensional Earth, but she has made a successful life for herself nonetheless. She is totally metaphysical and awake.  I think she is probably an early indigo soul, and no past lives came up for her. She has lots of illnesses, probably related to all of the fear that she has accumulated in her long life.  This was her second session. 

In the first session, she went into hypnosis easily, she described a beautiful place, progressed onto the cloud easily and did great. I thought to myself, “this is going to be a great session!” But, when it came to the part where the actual visualizing start, after coming off of the cloud, her energy came to a screeching halt. She ended up in a void, and she wasn’t going to budge, no matter what I tried. I offered her a second session because the first was less than satisfying.  I thought that she would be more relaxed if she was more familiar with the process. 

But in the second session, it was the same thing.  We worked at it, but she was NOT going to come out of the void.  I could feel that she was frozen with anxiety. I could see and feel her Higher Self, guides, and angels encircling her there in the void, beaming great love to her, but she could not see or feel them.  Her life has been difficult and she has collected a lot of fear along the way, which was blocking the communication. 

I was not going to allow this session to end like the last one. I proceeded to tell her what I saw and felt.  And pretty soon the energy started flowing and building. The beings started asking me to tell her what they wanted her to know, so I did.  After a bit, they were practically shouting with joy to be able to communicate all of their love they had for her, and how proud they were that she has had a successful life on Earth. They said that she was from Lyra and that all of them were from there. They were all intensely interested in how things are going for her in her Earthly incarnation. (At this point, she could see the cities of Lyra and was describing them).  

They said that they are with her constantly but, thus far, she has only been able to allow a small amount of their energy in.  Among other things, they told her that she needs to learn to release the fear which has caused all of her illnesses. They also wanted her to learn to release her need to fix everything. They told her that she did not need to DO anything; that she was a gift to the Earth, assisting with the raising of Earth’s vibrations just by BEING. Mother Earth (Gaia) even chimed in and thanked her for gracing the Earth with her beautiful energy and awareness during this lifetime.  They told her that now, in the end portion of her life, she could create the Heaven on Earth that she wanted, just by learning to love herself, and how to release fear. They told her to consciously ask to communicate better with them (one of her questions), and they will teach her.  They surrounded her with a circle of healing and healed her body/mind/spirit. She had no energy attachments (she is a very strong spirit).  And they told her that they will be healing her.

I guess you could say that I was channeling. It sure felt like I was in a beautiful flow of energy and information.  All of this was gladly received by the client, and before too long, her energy started flowing again. She was hearing them too and participating in the session.  She was then able to receive the answers to all of her questions through her higher self. At the conclusion of the session, we were all bathed in a very high vibration. She walked out of the session on air. 

I am so thankful, once again, to be doing this work!

Article by Thia Rose

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