"They already Know

“They already Know,” Says the Higher Self


Those of us who do regression work, who speak to the Soul Self, the Higher Self or the Inner Self- that larger part of our being-ness that knows the answers to all of our questions and concerns will often respond to our questions using that phrase. “He already knows.” Or, “She already knows this.”

Anyone who does this work for any length of time has heard this phrase time and time again. Because that still small voice inside has been telling them.

But it is the every day self, the temporal self, the conscious-mind self that has come to have a session, and asks the questions, poses the concerns.

So we the practitioners ask the Higher Self to just go ahead and repeat the information again, please.

Madelyn Miller is a Quantum Healing practitioner from Toledo Ohio. She has been practicing Dolores Cannon’s method for more than four years. She is also an excellent hypnosis subject and has been regressed herself many times in the last 15 years.

She and I were corresponding about this “standard answer” from the Higher Self and she wrote the following;

 “Dear Candace as I was reading your response to the recent Forum Discussion on this subject I was flooded with remembering- and I am starting to consider this “standard He/She already knows the answer” is one that indicates merge with the Higher Self states.

I just want to confirm your sentiments and conclusion. I have been regressed so many times since 2002 as I had a friend who was writing a book and wanting information so I was her” trance subject.”

When I would hear myself making that exact same statement, “She already knows that…” I will hear my own conscious mind thoughts and say, “oh no,” or “here we go again,” with some dismay. I get it, and understand it as I can feel the Higher Self’s personality if you can call it that. I say personality in quotes because sometimes I wish it was less scientific!

I say dismay, because I know what comes next, and for me it takes patience, and maybe some sense of inner stamina to continue.  If it is compliant, I feel a sense of coming to a stop, and the flow changes.

 I liken the change to flipping rapidly through the pages of a large volume. If one could speed read- an expansion of some type of information that doesn’t have language emerges. It can be uncomfortable (for my conscious mind) because it’s like my boundaries are being stretched beyond what I am consciously used to (and I am used to weird!) I wait to see what unfolds and hope I can translate, because I know that  that translation takes some degree of interpretation and I am always hoping I get it right. 

I do understand why clients often desire to not remember their session so that they may have more trust in the answers given, when their conscious minds “do not.” I have a sense, as so many practitioners do, of so many reasons why this happens, beyond what we have been taught, that this is simply “ego” resistance to the answers. 

I have a sense for me anyway, that the Higher Self senses the difficulty at times in the answers or explanation, and in its infinite efficiency (and compassion) just says, “They already know.”

There is so much that is occurring in these sessions that are inexplicable to our conscious minds, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to explain them, and talk about them, and try to understand. So many energetic unfoldings, palpable and often visible matter and energy shifts present themselves and transform us and our clients. Maddie continues;

 There is another aspect about this work that needs uncovering. I have noticed more synchronistic events occurring prior to my sessions and I think other practitioners are seeing this also. I sense this is significant and am considering how best to track and interpret them.

Indeed. Thanks for your thoughts Maddie. Sounds like you have an excellent connection and merge with your own Higher Self!

Maddie Miller is just one of the many wonderful Quantum Healing Practitioners who will be showing up in Sarasota Florida this October 6-7, 2017 for our Quantum Healing 5D and Beyond Conference. Here is a LINK to her Directory Listing and for more information about the Conference including ticket purchases please click this LINK.


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