Time Is Not Linear And You Have Already Ascended

Time is Not Linear and You Have Already Ascended

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Editor’s note: Donna McMurtry, Quantum Healer and author at Spiral Path Therapies, is located in Colorado Springs, United States. She’s a wonderful heart-based  Quantum healing practitioner as well as a certified Yoga instructor. Timelines seem to be the hot topic of the week.
Timeline Shifts

I don’t see the third dimension or “3D” as a “behind.” There is a misconception of various dimensions being better or “higher” than others. We literally have just numbered them as a way to identify them. And as all of the dimensions are linked, or overlap with others, there is an order to them. 

Every dimension is simply an experience that offers possibilities, or a spectrum of specific and unique things. Like when I go to the roller skate rink; it’s set up for a certain range of possible activities versus going to the hair salon where there is another whole other range of possible ways to be, and things in which to participate. Primarily, 3D is the dimension of opposites, and so its possibilities include extremes. Plants are 2D/3D and yet they have wisdom, purpose and pure states of feeling that we as humans don’t have. Some so-called “higher” dimensions don’t offer the possibility to be physical, so all the magnificent beauty and terror that comes with that is not available. Hence we come here to 3D for those particular experiences.

On a Soul level, we have all already “ascended”—probably a whole lotta times. It just seems like a new phenomenon to us as Human/Spirits playing within this game, because there are new things possible and available to us, while in our human body, that didn’t seem available or possible in most of 3D. There’s also a misconception that 5D will be total nirvana. While the human/earth game has new and expanded levels to play in 5D,  it’s still within the game. There will still be positive/negative polarities and obstacles that will teach us and therefore strengthen us. I do think we’ll eventually have “heaven on earth,” but also, much will be required of us to build that. 

I think that quantum healing modalities like BQH are made more for the 5D world rather than the 3D, because of the shift from physical modes of healing to meta-physical. 

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Article by Donna McMurtry


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