Total Session Failure

Total Session Failure


I received a brief note from a highly respected and very successful quantum healing practitioner yesterday. She wrote, “I just had (a session) that was a total failure. Do you ever get that?”

It got me to thinking about my recent favorite story regarding this work, and what happens in a session, from another colleague of ours, Barbara Becker. Barbara is an amazing practitioner who recently wrote an article about her client who got up in the middle of the session when ‘she was not able’ to communicate with her Higher Self.  She simply wanted to stop trying and go home. One week later this person calls Barbara and reports that her decades old problem with incontinence, one that she didn’t even care to mention to Barbara during her appointment had vanished!  Not only that, she now apparently has opened up to higher-level guidance and is receiving downloads from her Higher Self, all from an “aborted” session.

Here are more details from that session from Barbara directly:

By far, the most impressive QHHT® session I’ve facilitated is where the client decided to stop half way through her session. I’ll call her Lois (not her real name). We practitioners honor the free will of our clients. As of this writing, she is the only client of mine who decided not to go further in her session. She had come for a QHHT® session out of curiosity. Her daughter had an amazing session, so she wanted one too. The only health concern she shared with me was her mild low back pain of many years.


During the past life scene, she saw herself as an air molecule traveling over the ocean. We explored this for a while, then I asked to speak with her Higher Self. When she didn’t allow the Higher Self to converse with me, she requested to go to the bathroom and she didn’t want to continue the session. I counted her up and out. When I told her she was under hypnosis for an hour and ten minutes, she was shocked. She felt she was under for only fifteen minutes. When the client is in deep level trance hypnosis, their perception of time is skewed because they are time traveling. In my opinion, this is one form of evidence the client is truly in deep level trance hypnosis.


What happened next astounded me. Twelve days after her session, Lois calls me and warns me to be shocked. She has had bladder control problems (urinary incontinence) for the past 25 years. Since the day of her session with me, she has had no problems with her bladder. She was used to changing her underwear ten times a day! Every day for the week after the session Lois felt a tightening sensation in her lower abdominal and pelvic muscles, occurring throughout the day. Lois normally doesn’t talk about this sensitive subject with anyone, but now, she is telling all her friends about her QHHT® session and what transpired later.


Also, on the day that she called me, Lois said she suddenly has been receiving downloads of information from her Higher Self. Lois is very happy and so excited that she felt compelled to call and share her news.


Lois never told me about her bladder incontinence problem during her QHHT® session. The Higher Self knows everything, and took care of it. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is based in Source. It’s the Higher Self that is doing all the healing behind the scenes, no matter what happens in the session! Our body structures are not separate from one another. Healing ourselves, heals the water within us, and in turn, heals the water of Mother Earth.

Thanks for letting me share that Barbara.

So. Who is to say that any session is a failure?

Maybe our colleague meant that her client was unable to have any kind of experience at all. I don’t know yet what exactly transpired, I’ve asked, and am waiting to hear why she labeled the session “a total failure.” But, I would have to say that even if there was no apparent experience whatsoever, we can’t or shouldn’t think in terms of failure, even if there was no “trance state” achieved, no “past life” experienced, no sensations of “energy shifting.”

I’ve lost count of the number of clients who walk into my Wellness Studio beaming- as I say hello and welcome them in they say, “Well I am here, but guess what? The main reason I wanted a session, is already gone!” Then they sit down to tell me their story.

Who is to say exactly what is at work here or when it starts. Is it intention? Timeline shifts? Help from the Divine? We can ask these questions and often do in higher level sessions but the answers vary and cannot be applied to all situations or individuals.

If you are considering a quantum healing session of any kind, I encourage you to remain open to what might shift, what might change in your life no matter what actually transpired before, during or even after the appointment!

I say leave it in the hands of the Higher Self. You just never know what tomorrow may bring.

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