Tune into the Trees

Tune into the Trees

Consciousness Explorations

By Christina Lavers 

It is not uncommon for a person in the midst of a BQH session to meet with, or find themselves presenting as, a different life form. As a practitioner it is always fascinating to discover unfamiliar perspectives and insight that we don’t normally have access to. Unlike some of the Galactic life forms that can feature in sessions, the one I will discuss today exists on the same planet as us. It is the spectacular, majestic yet humble tree. 

Like most things in our environment, today we are taught to see trees from a functional standpoint: in grade school we learn about how they provide oxygen and are an extremely useful resource that can be used for everything from houses to paper. And yet for so many of us they are much more; we sense trees go way beyond functionality into a realm of secrecy and magic. Humanity’s history has been deeply intertwined with trees since our beginning. As children we climb in them, we play in their leaves and daydream in their shade. In our tales they individually speak to us, and collectively as forests, embody our terrors, intrigue or enchantment. 

The first time a client identified as a tree in a session I was slightly taken aback. She was describing the landscape around her. When I asked her where she wanted to explore, she answered, “I don’t think I can move.” When I asked her what her feet looked like, she answered, “I don’t have any feet.”  Curious about her experience of self, I asked her what she could tell me about her vessel. She paused, and then exclaimed quite joyfully, “I think I’m a tree!” 

After a moment of tuning into herself she went on to describe how she could feel every cell of her being; the solidity of her trunk, the delicate movement of her leaves, the different temperatures of the soil, and each tiny root filament reaching out moving towards molecules of water. As she was sharing her experience tears began to roll down her face from her closed eyes. When I asked if she was ok, she reported that she was in a state of ecstatic joy. She explained how each cell felt like it was flowing perfectly. There was no need to think about what she was doing because she trusted that every cell knew exactly what it needed to do; she felt in complete alignment with the whole universe. She experienced the pure acceptance that came with her growth; understanding without judgement that some branches would extend and others would die and fall away. She could feel the damp richness of the soil that nourished her roots with nutrients that came from decomposition, and the warm love that poured forth from the sun, gently coaxing her to grow and expand. Balanced between heaven and Earth, she radiated incredible peace. 

Since that first time I have had several clients who had chapters of their journey that revolved around trees. Trees can surface in sessions as symbols for strength and grounding, with clients encouraged to recall a particular tree from a session when they need to feel the associated qualities in everyday life. Another interesting occurrence involves clients who discovered parallel lives as trees. Like the first client, they described a heightened sense of aliveness, a feeling of being intimately connected to the entire universe, as well as how time moves differently. From a point of seemingly timeless stillness they were able to observe buildings and people rise in freshness and then dissolve into decay. 

A final interesting perspective was shared in a recent session. This client’s guides explained that as the Earthly version of herself embodied more of her multi-dimensional nature she would likely experience moments of confusion. I asked her what could help her to integrate this awareness into everyday life. Her higher suggested that trees would assist. She explained that trees are our brethren, our kin, but that we have largely lost our connection. She went on to say that trees are gateways to other dimensions and have access to the deepest archives of Gaia’s wisdom. She shared that trees, like people, have chakras. These chakras are like portals to the secret world of trees. Sensitive people can learn to sense chakras and connect with them to access the profound secrets of nature for which trees act as custodians. However, she added that it requires more than just hugging a tree to connect. Like people, trees want to feel a real connection before they will divulge aspects of their deep inner mystery. Like any relationship this takes time to develop; trees want to feel seen and appreciated and will form strong bonds as trust and respect grows. 

I feel overall these are great reminders about how, in this era of digital information overload, trees wait patiently for us. By connecting with trees we can tap into a level of reality that goes infinitely deeper than the fast pace hype and drama that is so prolific in our reality. Their perspective, which focuses on being rather than obsessive doing, reminds us of the importance of slowing down, of grounding, of embracing the light and the dark aspects of ourselves, and exploring the depth of our interconnection with the world around us.

Christina Lavers is a BQH practitioner, located in Upper Orara, NSW, Australia. She is devoted to assisting people to find and connect with their own creative magical current that flows deep within. “As more of us learn to live our life in alignment with our hearts, the more love will be flowing around the planet. Our world urgently needs more love!”


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