Visualization, Imagination and “I just made it all up”

Common Questions and Concerns

There are some clients who after having experienced a Quantum Healing Session will deny the validity of their experience and say something like, “None of that was actually real, I just made it all up.” 

Quantum Healer Lis Duku has some thoughts about the differences between visualization, imagination and that statement about “making it up.”

Visualization is when a person brings into their consciousness something they have already had access to. Imagination is when a person brings into their consciousness something they have not previously had access to.

The conscious mind is responsible for analyzing, critical thinking, and short-term memory. The subconscious mind is responsible for storing our long-term memories, beliefs, and habits, and for generating emotions.

So where does creativity/imagination happen? It’s new “thought” that comes through us from the SuperConscious Mind.

We can recall/remember from the subconscious mind (things we’ve already had access to); but we create/imagine using an altered state to connect to the SuperConscious Mind. Everything “new”, that we imagine/create comes from there. And we access it through an altered state. 

Remember how many times in your life people have said “close your eyes, and imagine ______”. That is because closing your eyes helps to put you into an altered state. And being in an altered state helps you to access that Higher Level of Consciousness. Even gifted psychics and channelers go into an altered state before beginning.

When an inventor wakes up from a nap (altered state), with a new invention or a solution to a long time problem (yes, there are records of many famous people having done this), they have been inspired by a Higher Element of themselves.

When a painter or song writer or even a landscaper or designer is in their groove, being creative, it is a Higher Aspect of themselves that is shining through – they are not working with their conscious minds as much as they are channeling creativity from Beyond.

Even an emergency situation can cause an altered state of consciousness, with instant, creative solutions coming to the forefront. (People interviewed afterwards often say they simply acted, there was no time to think).

Setting your conscious mind aside allows you to access other levels of consciousness – sometimes lightly, sometimes more deeply. So even something as simple as brushing your teeth, or being in the shower (repetitive actions that don’t usually require conscious thought), often allow people to detach from their conscious mind long enough to allow inspiration/creativity to shine through from Beyond. 

Imagination/creativity and altered state can go hand-in-hand.

There are many ways to alter your state, just as there are many times during the day your state will be altered without you even noticing. So if you choose to deliberately alter your state using hypnosis, you increase the likelihood that you can access that Higher Level of Consciousness, especially the more deeply you go into hypnosis.

So if you’ve had a hypnosis session, and you think you made it all up, then take a closer look at it. Was your experience in hypnosis something that is in your CONSCIOUS mind, that you can actually remember experiencing before, complete with all the details? If you answer yes, then sure, maybe you were “making it up”, based on your ability to remember.

But what if you can’t, with your conscious mind, recall previously experiencing (or knowing about) all the details from your hypnosis session. Or your hypnosis session contained something that could not possibly have ever occurred earlier in this life? Or it contained other information you could not have known? Where would the details in your hypnosis session have come from? 

They would have to have come from a Higher Level of Consciousness, that you accessed. True creativity and imagination are not the roles of your conscious mind or your subconscious mind. Being in the altered state of hypnosis allows you to access other levels of consciousness more easily.

When you pull information from your conscious mind, you’re not aware of where it is coming from. When you pull information from your subconscious mind, you’re not aware of where it is coming from. And when you pull information from the SuperConscious Mind, you won’t necessarily be aware of it either. We all have access to SuperConscious Mind, and can access it frequently. We just don’t always realize it.

Lis Duku is a Quantum Healer who practices in Mississauga, ON Canada. 

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