Welcome to Quantum Healing Practitioners!

Our Practitioner Directory is uniquely designed to bring together individual Quantum Healers from around the world together with the people who are looking for their services.

Many modalities and approaches to health and wellness, both ancient modalities, cutting edge techniques and everything in between, can be can considered quantum.

The term “quantum healing” was first used by Deepak Chopra in 1989 in his book of the same title to name what he described as a way of looking at the mind-body connection where awareness promotes, “at sub-atomic level a quantum leap in the healing mechanism.”

Our Directory Listing service began in 2013, featuring Quantum Healers who studied with the late Dolores Cannon and practiced her past life regression/quantum healing hypnosis technique.  In 2017 we have expanded our listings to include any and all individual Quantum Healers from around the world who boast a variety of skills they have learned from great teachers such as Brian Weiss, Michael Newton, Eric Pearl, Milton Erikson, Louise Hay and more. Some of our Practitioners have even created their very own modality!

We have astrologers, crystal healers, reiki practitioners, mediums, coaches, clear conduit channels, sound healers, past life regressionists, intuitives, reconnective healers, naturopaths and so much more.

If you are a healerjoin us. We provide a content-rich listing to help you describe your unique practice to the world, no matter what modality you practice or where you live or what language you speak and whether you take clients in person or online or both!

And, if you are a potential client whether you are looking for a local healer, or someone who can help you online, we hope you find your perfect practitioner!

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