What IS Hypnosis

What IS Hypnosis, and What IS it NOT?

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What IS Hypnosis, and what is it NOT?

We experience various degrees of hypnotic states daily ranging from light, medium to deep trance.  Hypnosis can be achieved through many modalities that allow us to experience an altered state of consciousness where we work on re-programming our behavior and the belief systems that we hold. In these different brainwaves states, we may become aware of who we truly are!

Doing simple things like watching television or reading a book can bring us to a light daydream hypnotic state called the alpha brain wave level. Listening to music or meditations with subliminal messages acts as a repeated affirmation to help us to obtain a more positive outlook in life. This technique of programming is also known as neuro-programming. The subliminal signal might be inaudible to the conscious mind because it is below the conscious threshold of hearing, but it is very powerful as it is still audible and received by the unconscious mind.

Understanding brainwave states give us an opportunity to look deeper into what hypnosis really is and how often we are in various states of trance throughout our day. Deeper levels of trance called the theta level is where Quantum Healers work with clients in modalities such as BQH or QHHT®.

• Beta state (alertness, active thinking, and concentration).
• Alpha state (light hypnosis).
• Theta state (day-dreaming, deep hypnosis, and light sleep).
• Delta state (deep sleep).

We always encourage our clients to listen back to the recording of their session and even though many might think that they are not under ‘hypnosis’ I can assure you that most clients are not as ‘awake’ as they think they are! A recent client wrote the following;

“I’ve listened back to my recording and it is surreal. I do remember all of it, I remember the visuals and remember saying most of it, but I am still not quite sure why I was saying the things I said, I just sort of said guttural words and things, but it was definitely a relaxing and deepening experience whilst it was happening.”  In our Beyond Quantum Healing sessions, healing takes place on many levels and if you decide to experience this yourself you may be consciously aware in some ways and your unconscious mind will come through in these sessions as ‘You’ and will give “You” the answers you seek.

We asked our Quantum Healing Forum members to share their thoughts on hypnosis and with each perspective that was shared, it allowed us to expand ourselves into deeper states of open-mindedness and understanding our state of origin.

Quantum Healer Byron Preston uses an example of meditation for comparison and says; “Just as meditation calms the mind to connect to the Source or your Higher Self. Hypnosis also calms the mind so that one can be connected to the Source or Higher Self. It is merely a way to connect differently than how it is normally done. Nathalie Frechette refers to the NOW, the present life you are currently living and gives yet another outlook where she explains; “For me, it is the experience we are having NOW. A soul disguised as a human being. Hypnosis is really being de-hypnotized from this human experience to help us find who we truly are, to remember our connection to Source light. I believe we are hypnotized and in trance every day of our life, and when we do give ourselves permission we can allow ourselves to remember again.”

We all go through something called ‘amnesia’ when we incarnate into this physical world and we are given this opportunity to access our higher mind through hypnosis. We have the opportunity to access this forgotten knowledge and that is why Nathalie calls it “de-hypnotized which is very well explained.

 Thia Rose talks about mind-focus and says; “Hypnosis is a state of highly focused attention or concentration, often associated with relaxation, and heightened suggestibility. At least that is what the official definition is. Really, no one actually knows what hypnosis is any more than we know what consciousness is. I agree with many who say that we are always in a state of hypnosis. One of the most fascinating things that I have learned recently is that children under the age of 6 or 7 are always in an alpha or theta brainwave state. They don’t reach the beta (waking consciousness) state until after that age, which is why we perceive time and space differently as children.”

The creator of this amazing Forum Candace Craw-Goldman shares her favorite line of all time, “Hypnosis is not anesthesia.” and continues to explain that “The public, in general, remains misinformed on this subject primarily by movies, cartoons and stage hypnosis. It’s a shame. The term  ‘hypnosis’ itself is its own biggest obstacle. I tend to describe the experience thusly: A finely focused and often deeply felt daydream.”

Hypnosis comes in many shapes and forms and we cannot just call it by that label alone. You can access your higher mind in many ways and Quantum Healers encourage you to explore the universe you hold within yourself.

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Article by Chrysilla Lewies

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