What is the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum?

What is the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum?


What is the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum?

The Original QH Support Forum began in 2008, at that time focused exclusively on the work of Dolores Cannon and the support of her students; we kept our Community private to only those who were trained by her for almost 9 years. But things have been changing and it has been apparent to many of us, that it was time for our Forum to evolve just like Humanity itself has evolved! So we now open our arms and hearts to each other and to our sister ‘modalities’ so we can all share our ideas and our discoveries to assist and serve our clients in the best ways possible. To that end, we have added a brand new Section to our Support Forum for ALL of our quantum healing members. Members also have the ability to be listed right here on the Quantum Healing Practitioners Directory.

To help enable our Members outreach to their respective communities, our unique, one-of-a-kind Global Directory serves Alternative and Energy Practitioners with a language, modality and geo-location searchable interface making it much easier to connect with clients.

In addition, unlike other directory services on the web, our Directory takes ZERO percentage or fees from client leads nor do we require a lengthy commitment to list your practice. For a low and affordable monthly fee that starts at only 10 dollars, you get the full featured listing and access to our amazing and unique Support Forum Community!

Our rapidly growing Global Directory lists over 500 Practitioners from Seattle to Saskatchewan to Serbia to Shanghai!

Why would I want to join your Support Forum when there are so many Free Facebook Support Groups?

First of all, I am a member of many FB support groups and they serve a great purpose, but when you want a private, professional (and kind) Forum with archived and searchable records nothing beats our Forum.  In addition to which, the connection to the Global Directory Listing that it could stand alone in terms of value.

Our Forum Family remains a very special one, unlike any other online that I’ve found. We are kind and respectful, and we allow and celebrate individual choice and freedom to speak and practice as guided. We do a very good job of promoting practitioners and providing a safe and uncensored platform for communication and learning for those who commit themselves to the “Service to Others” way of life.

Another compelling reason to join us is that almost all of our Practitioners have been trained in multiple modalities. Even though they may specialize in only one or two, the great majority of us have a wealth of information and experience to share.

Finally, there is a place where all of our “cross-talk” about our discoveries and what we have learned and how we practice is not frowned upon or merely tolerated, but welcomed and celebrated! 

I teach some of my own metaphysical, bodywork, or coaching classes, is there any support in your Community for me or my students?

Yes there is! The Original Quantum Healing Support Forum has recently begun to offer a unique support solution to Practitioners who run their own classes. We provide several solutions that assist you in after-class group setting support, document and class material access and even possible listing service for new practitioners you have trained if that is indeed the focus of your class. Of course not all classes create new practitioners, and this is just an optional service. Each plan is tailor-made to your needs and can be open-ended or a program that is based upon a limited period of time of your choosing. As an example you might offer your students after class support for 2 weeks, or 6 or 12 months. Whatever works for you. This is such a great perk for your students and a fabulous time saver for you. You won’t always have to answer the same questions over and over again!

What if I have more questions about how all of this works?

We’d be happy to answer them, either ask in the comments below or send an email to quantumhealingandbeyond@gmail.com

Candace Craw-Goldman

Founder and Managing Director

the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum


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