What Meditation Brings

What Meditation Brings

Consciousness Explorations

By guest writer energy healer and meditation teacher,  Loika Kodet

One of the most amazing experiences about being an energy healer is having a magical door that opens to the reality of existing in two worlds at the same time. Sometimes the magical door makes you an observer when someone else gives you the privilege of experiencing their interaction with Spirit. Other times the magical door that opens extends your personal comfort zone so that you are deepening your self-connection to Mother Earth, the Cosmos and an entourage of inner world Galactic emissaries that add new words to your vocabulary.

I began meditation to make sense of the expansive otherworldly experiences my clients we’re having during energy healing sessions. I was seeking answers. I was looking for answers from Spirit.

I had no meditation teacher myself so I l stumbled a bit until I overcame the hurdle of mind chatter, and then found a comfortable meditation position. Soon came the challenge of accepting Divine Lifestreaming, streaming from my hands, cocooning me in a sphere of heat and elevations of intoxicating, ecstatic consciousness.

Instead of simply getting a few spiritual answers I gained so much more!

I gained a nourishing reconnection with Mother Earth and the Cosmos. A connection so big I am able to draw from resources whose supply is infinite and effects both my outer and inner world.

As I practice, the out of control world with plenty of bad news headlines simply recedes. I am able to see world events as an opportunity to ask the universe empowered questions. Questions that leave spaces for the Universe to gift me with limitless possibilities.

As I practice, my sense of reality has completely changed. The separation between an inner world and the outer world has become very thin. I have become more mindful, connected, more conscious of my thought and feeling footprints. Magically, with this awareness, the universe delivers me with more opportunities to celebrate my own and other people’s expansion.

Most of the people who meditate with me are culturally different, first-time group meditators but they are wonderful in their willingness to expand their consciousness experiences. They generously participate in the story, sharing segments between meditations. Like elephants herding together to protect the younger members of a group, they share their experiences not to feel self-important but to give the shyer, more anxious voices support to dissolve their fears. Their generosity is very beautiful. A newer member expressed her truth that she was an atheist. The rest of the members fluidly supported her point of view by allowing me to change my terminology so that it was group inclusive. I had a lot of positive growth from this experience.

One of the most humbling experiences I learned when I chose to progress to become a meditation guide, was the startling truth that in the healing world, the roles of being a teacher and student are redefined. The teacher is not the ‘ expert’ – because the students teach you. They are the ones who will have the amazing inner journeys and if you stick with it and patiently allow the universe to unfold the wisdom behind this dynamic. There are messages, divine patterns unfolding right in front of your eyes.

Sometimes the messages are seemingly cosmic insignificance other times they seem to be a simple milestone of overcoming as students overcome anxiety triggers and become more and more welcoming of experiencing the unchartered world of their own expansion of possibilities.

Leading group meditations is so enjoyable and fulfilling. Beyond technique, I communicate a special message of extended magical boundaries. The participants are encouraged to place their awareness on their heart space and to feel the nuances of their unique communication. My meditations are body centered. I am captivated by what the body can articulate ranging from the meaning of stuck emotion and fears to how elegantly the body responds with memories and inner voice answers to focused awareness.

I marvel because the people who join me are so open to seeing meditation as a fantastic resource. They join hearts with me to become malleable intentional energy antennas focusing group attention to clean up and shift negative energies all over planet earth. Together we celebrate every moment as their lives shift as circumstances changing to include the opportunities they are now manifesting.

As an example of this in my own life, when I discovered and became aware of I the opportunity to learn BQH, (Beyond Quantum Healing) my heart lit up! I know it is the next piece of the puzzle for me.

By slowly putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together from my life and meditation experiences, I am allowing and receiving into my life the message from mother Earth. That humans at this point of time are able to receive more gifts of co-creation with her. We are able to shoulder the responsibility of clearing beliefs that no longer serve us. We are more open to the truth that all communication super technology that has unfolded can be leveraged for purposes of extending communication of self and group responsibility and limitless possibilities to the furthest corners of the world.

I am excited to see how much of the gifts from Divine Life we are all willing to receive because the more we allow to receive. This corresponds to increasing levels of healing of the pain of limiting beliefs held in our hearts, bodies, territories, cultures and within our relationship to the Earth. I am excited to extend the knowledge I have learned from my daily meditation practice and bring those skills and knowledge to learn more ways of assisting others with Beyond Quantum Healing.


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