"Why can't I connect to my Spirit Guides?"

“Why can’t I connect to my Spirit Guides?”


Question to Pamela Aaralyn: “I have meditated, prayed, bought Monroe CD's, books, guided meditations, begged and pleaded to connect. I think my guides are deaf or just don't give a crap. It's very depressing, especially reading (about other’s connections.) Why not me?”

Grief, fear, anger, and lower frequency emotions tend to be the block from the connection. It's not a punishment, that's a human duality based perspective. Your grief/anger/anxiety IS the connection to YOU. It's like the portal that opens ALL else.

The heart chakra is the biggest way into spirit guide connection. If you shut that off due to core beliefs of isolation, rejection, loneliness, punishment or abandonment, you won't feel your guides. You will feel yourself feeling isolated lonely, rejected, punished and abandoned. Why? Because this is the biggest way to connect, starting right there; healing the fractals of US that need our love.

It's hard to “feel” the higher frequencies that guides impart if we are stuck in lower frequencies that require our attention. The universe isn't punishing or partial or biased to anyone.

Energy simply comes back to where it came out.

-Pamela Aaralyn

Pamela Aaralyn is a clear conduit channel and spiritual teacher. You can find her at her website here- http://aurareader.com/index.html

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