Why does the Higher Self need a Quantum Healing Session to heal us?

Why does the Higher Self need a Quantum Healing Session to heal us?


Dear Candace

Why is it that the Higher Self can heal us but only after a Quantum Healing? Why doesn’t the Higher Self heal us when we need it?


Dear Leeann,

Thank you for your questions. I am so glad that you asked them, because many people ask me the same things.

There are a lot of things to address in these two seemingly simple questions. Let’s start by defining some terms here. Who is the Higher Self? Who are “we?” What does healing even mean?

We can start by listing other terms and names used for the Higher Self. Dolores Cannon called this portion of our selves the “Subconscious,” or the SC for short. Other terms generally accepted to mean the same part of ourselves are Superconscious, Divine Aspect, Inner Knowing or Soul Self. There are many more terms used but it refers to a part of our selves that is not purely our ego self, our temporal self or our unique and specific day-to-day conscious mind or personality self. (Dolores Cannon conceded that her term “subconscious” was not the same generally used by psychologists, and also said, that that energy didn’t care what we called that part of ourselves in any case!)

When we say “us” or “we” in association with the Higher Self we are usually talking about that temporal self- that everyday conscious mind self, the one that has a name and a history and a story and a job and family and a life on planet earth.  When we are talking about the Higher Self we are talking about a bigger aspect of us that is outside of these time constructs and stories. It is still us- and we are always connected to it, it is just a bigger, wiser part of us that we don’t always communicate with very well in our 3D lives.

When we are talking about “healing” usually it is the conscious mind that wants something to change or shift or be resolved within its emotions or the physical body.

So let’s start with the first question, regarding why is it that the Higher Self can only heal us after a QH session? I would have to answer that the Higher Self can “heal” us at any time whatsoever! In an instant or over time, and A QH session or a healing session using any modality or healer or quite frankly, even (in many cases) a conventional medical doctor is not at all “necessary” for healing.

The second question regarding why the Higher Self does not “heal us” when we need it. Well, you actually might turn that question around a little bit to consider it in a different light. Remember that “healing” is usually a term used by the conscious mind regarding something it wants changed. So what you consider a need for healing may be your Higher Self looking at the same issue and not seeing the same “need.”

When the conscious mind is wanting something to be different, it is helpful to step back away from that smaller, temporal perspective and realize there is a much bigger picture here to consider. It is your conscious mind that is saying “I need this to change, I want to be healed of this.”  Your Higher Self, that has a bigger perspective and can be very patient and often waits for your conscious mind to understand or realize or experience something different than what your conscious mind aspect is saying it wants!

If there is ever anything that you are dealing with emotionally or physically- you are always and without exception, dealing with that for some sort of reason. It truly is not a random thing, no matter what it is, whether it be a relationship issue, emotional distress or a physical problem of any kind, or even if you have just stubbed your toe or gotten a flat tire on the road. There is a reason for what is happening to you because the Universe is a mirror and continually gives you information in this way. This is the Law of Attraction at work.

Whenever you consider a problem or challenge you might consider that your Higher Self may have set up your life contract to deal with this issue specifically, or you may be having your Higher Self trying to get your conscious mind’s attention about something. Or in other cases, your body aspect, your physical self may be working on something altogether different than what you or your conscious mind thinks might be happening!

So why then, even have a Quantum Healing session? A QH session can, in many cases, bring all of these aspects and parts of you, your Higher Self, your Conscious Mind and your Body Aspect- together to communicate in a way that is not always easy to achieve all by yourself to gain information and clarity about what actually is going on and why. Your Higher Self can in many cases explain why it is that you are having any sort of challenge- and in many cases offer solutions or perspectives that can be extremely helpful in either shifting, releasing or even accepting the things in our lives that we desire to be different.

Your body aspect can even participate and communicate what IT wants and desires, which again, is a different part of you – than your conscious mind!

There are any number of ways that these realizations, acceptances or understandings can occur, they do not only happen or need to happen in a Quantum Healing Session. Dreams, meditation, prayer, other energy work, even seemingly catastrophic things like being in an accident and subsequently having to remain immobile in bed- can trigger these resolutions and healings and connections with your Higher Self and other aspects.

I’ve heard Dolores Cannon say, “Quantum Healing is not the only way to heal or resolve your problems. But it is the best and fastest way that I know how.”

That quote from the amazing Dolores pretty much sums it up. You can “heal” in any number of ways, and even without any assistance from outside – whatsoever.

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