Why Quantum Healing is Made for Millennials

Why Quantum Healing is Made for Millennials

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Why Quantum Healing is Made for Millennials

By Jane Sandwood

The power of quantum healing is set to benefit the health and wellbeing of a whole new group of people: millennials. Those born between 1985 and 1995 are often singled out in the press as being a lazy bunch with little interest in working, but the opposite is actually true. Research shows that millennials are just as interested in forging an interesting career as their parents; they are driven by different values, however; meaning giving back instead of profit and amassing a fortune. In this new and different mindset, quantum healing has an important role to play in ensuring they achieve their goals in a healthy, mindful state.

How Spiritual are Millennials?

In a fascinating article published in pbs.org, Harvard researcher, Casper ter Kuile notes that despite the fact that millennials are turning away from organized religion faster than any other age group, they are deeply spiritual. That is, they may be unaffiliated to a particular church, but they believe in a universal force or life spirit; the same energy that quantum healing uses to balance the organs and glands, heal injury, reduce pain, instil mental calm, and more.

The author adds that many millennials are creating new communities that provide many of the same functions religious communities did for their parents. He states, “In a culture where many are hungry for connection, these communities offer the experience of being part of something bigger than themselves, what some theologians might describe as experiencing the divine.”

Studies Driving Millennials to Greater Spirituality

Recent scientific studies have established that those who are spiritual, are generally happier. These findings are a powerful reminder of the importance of connecting with our spiritual side, and different studies are proving there are many ways to do so. One is by spending time in nature; research has shown that nature has a powerful ability to lower stress hormone, cortisol, and instil a mindful state in which human beings are content to be “in the here and now”.

Mindfulness-based activities such as yoga and meditation are proving equally popular, with a plethora of pranayamic breathing apps allowing millennials and indeed people of all ages, to battle the ‘fight or flight response’ through controlled breathing.

Quantum healing is an excellent way to reduce stress, deeply relax, obtain a better night’s sleep, enjoy greater peace, joy, and self-confidence, and even obtain greater clarity, among so many other benefits.

Because quantum healing practitioners heal in so many ways, including aromatherapy, chakra balancing, craniosacral therapy, acupressure and more, their method of healing (which involves restoring balance and smooth flow of energy) fit in perfectly with the millennial penchant for individuality. Millennials have spoken loud and clear: they wish to forge their own personal path towards the energy force, which is a fundamental aim that quantum healing can fulfill.

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