Will I still Owe You $?

Will I still Owe You $?

Quantum Healing Modalities

This article was written to respond, and to clarify why you would still need to pay for a service provided.

Original message

“Hello, I had an experience with a QHHT® practitioner within the last week, but I wasn’t able to be hypnotized. The main reason for my scheduling of any QHHT® session is for the healing through hypnosis. Will I still owe you $ if I’m not able to be regressed with your assistance?”

Here is my response to that question

Yes, many practitioners charge clients for the time they spend trying to help them just as other healing modalities such as massage therapists, doctors, and counselors. Even when the client’s healing expectations are not met. It’s important to remember that every person is vastly different, and what it takes to facilitate healing for them can vary.

A good example is the Naturopathic doctor I see. Sometimes, she has to try a few different things to address my healing needs and it can take several appointments before she gets to the core issue. I pay her for her time, even if what we tried did not provide relief or healing. I hope that makes sense to you?

At the same time, I totally understand your frustration of spending money on something and not getting what you thought/hoped you paid for. It may be the inexperienced practitioner, or sometimes it’s the clients own blocks, and often the combination of both.

Here are some truths/misconceptions about hypnosis:

Hypnosis is simply a brainwave state and it will basically feel like deep relaxation. There’s no “feeling” of being hypnotized, other than being relaxed and open enough that you can access other realms of consciousness.

Hypnosis is not amnesia

Those who don’t remember what happened under hypnosis were programmed to not remember. Stage hypnotists give suggestions (program) to the individual to forget, or not to be fully aware of what they’re doing, getting them to step out of their comfort zone and do funny things. Healing hypnotists don’t do any programming as we want you to be aware of what’s happening and to remember it. It does fade like a dream for most people, and that’s why we give you a recording of the session.

Pharmaceuticals and various substances, like caffeine, can have an influence on what we call normal brain functions. We can have emotional blocks (like fear), physical blocks (like intense pain), mental blocks (like not being able to give up control) and even spiritual blocks (inability to connect with our inner light/higher self/source). Also, someone who doesn’t want to be hypnotized cannot be. The person must always be in complete agreement to the process from the beginning to the end, so if that level of trust for the practitioner is not there, mistrust will be a block. Most of these blocks can be worked with depending on the knowledge and experience of the practitioner. It takes time and practice to remove the blocks, and you can “test” your ability to be hypnotized through meditation. If you can meditate (hold focus or calm the mind) then being hypnotized should be easy. 

Quantum Healers have all the knowledge and “tools” they need in their toolkits.

Like in every profession, you will find there are beginners to the more advanced practitioners. Some keep learning and growing and adding tools, and some don’t. Again, trust matters. Be honest about your expectations and fears. Listen closely to the response. Follow the suggestions. When there’s a good rapport between the practitioner and the client, and you will notice that the client will feel more at ease to experience a deeper trance state.

Even if you don’t experience what you hoped for during a Quantum Healing session, it’s a successful session if you leave with an understanding of what needs to change in order to have that hoped-for experience. There are plenty of ways to practice, work with, or find healing for whatever the block was. A good practitioner will guide you how to do this, and will be happy to try again when you are ready.

Here are three basic ways to prepare yourself for a great Quantum Healing session:

1. Meditate

The core of this practice is training your mind to hold focus and be calm. Meditation can come in many different forms. There’s one—or many—that will fit you. You can use an app like Insight Timer, YouTube, find a meditation group in your community, or ask someone you know who’s an experienced meditator for help getting started.

And actually doing it: 5 minutes a day, 20 minutes a day, or an hour… just do it!

2. Be willing to do the work

Some of us are searching for the magic wand. (Including me!) Healing is like losing weight. You’re going to have to change your habits, thoughts, and beliefs. You’re going to have to work for it and you’re going to have to learn new things. Whatever your hopes are for a Quantum Healing session; if you think it’ll happen without any work; it won’t.

3. Learn – Open – Go beyond what you think is true of the world. 

Read Dolores Cannon’s books. Keep reading articles on this website and if you would like to join our community, or become a (BQH) Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner by following this Link.

With blessings and love to you on your journey.

Article by Donna McMurtry

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