Worldwide Regression Date With My Husband

Worldwide Regression Date with My Husband

Consciousness Explorations

Article by Stephanie Shek

Stephanie lives in Heraklion, Greece, and she’s a Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner. Stephanie also does something more unusual, as she’s trained as a master teacher in Sekhem. In the following article she writes about the past life workshop experience that she had with a few Quantum healing practitioners.

Worldwide Regression Date with My Husband 

The Second Annual Worldwide Regression Day is coming soon, and this year I’m going to invite my husband to participate with me. I’m checking every day now to see whether Candace Craw-Goldman (the organizer) has released the event programme so that I can ask my husband to put it in his diary. I don’t want a repeat of what happened last year again.

I got a bit excited with all the free offers of group regression and signed up for three events, all of which I enjoyed immensely. The first one was by Chrysilla Lewies, and I’ve already told you about it here. The second was the most relaxing healing journey facilitated by Pamela Aaralyn. The third one was by Allison Coe (replay here), and it was so enlightening that I left in the middle of it, so that I could apply the learning right away!

Here’s what happened –

Allison started the regression by asking us to make ourselves comfortable in whatever position we were in by taking a few deep breathes. I found myself relaxed very quickly under her soulful voice, and the image of the ocean that she painted for us appeared in my mind strong and beautiful. I stole a few quick glances at the screen and saw that Allison’s body was swaying gently and she looked like she was in a zone as well. During any healing sessions when I was asked to have my eyes closed, I always liked to have a look to see what the practitioners were doing. I was glad that this time I wasn’t going to get caught. Do you do that too?

A space ship did appear when Allison said so, and while she was describing it, I already went inside. Once inside my personal space ship which was of a shiny white dome shape as large as a big house, I saw a big beautiful luxurious four-poster bed, and wondered if I should lie there to relax some more. Earlier that day I visited a rather traumatic life during Chrysilla Lewies’s group regression and even though our higher-selves always choose for us the most appropriate lives for us to see, I had requested mine to give me something nice this time. Maybe my higher-self decided to give me a 5-star holiday?

‘How about a marble bathtub?’ I wished silently. Why not? And maybe I imagined it, but a marble bathtub did appear in the middle of the large room, and I saw myself already in it. Or was that me? I felt bored with my imagination and decided to get out of the bath and follow Allison’s voice, but some people gathered around me. Oh! Servants!

Who was I supposed to be? I walked – sorry, glided gracefully to a gold ornate mirror while two servant girls followed me with towels and clothes. A beautiful woman with long blonde curls appeared in the mirror. Oh! Rich and beautiful! Thank you, higher-self! But wait – why did she look so sad? Have some gratitude, girl!

A man appeared next to me (hey I was naked, Mister!). He gently placed his fingers under my chin to raise my face a little in order to admire it. Husband? It was a romantic scene and I could feel the love and attraction between them, but it became comical when I looked at his face. My real-life-husband’s head and his dishevelled hair were firmly planted on this stately dressed man’s shoulders.

I could hear some noises from a distance and the only thing I could make out was ‘Your Majesty blah blah blah’. The blonde woman asked, ‘Do you have to go?’ The stately-looking man, now with a blurred face, nodded. Everyone disappeared swiftly leaving the blonde woman alone in the luxurious bed. A tear fell on her face and I could hear her think. ‘What to do?’ I tried to look around this beautiful room some more, but the next scene appeared promptly before I could protest to my higher-self.

You might be wondering, ‘Why did she think so much during the regression?’ Well, although this is not ideal, it is normal for anyone to be able to think during a regression whether it’s a group or a one-on-one session. It is like watching a movie. We often have passing thoughts throughout, especially at the opening scene when we are settling into the plot and eating popcorn. A bit of thinking doesn’t hurt, although any sort of analyses is best to be left at the end of the movie/regression, so that we can enjoy the experience as much as we can.

The next scene appeared, and the blonde woman was riding a horse. She was dressed as a man and my body seemed to be connected with hers, and I could feel padding around my upper body. I guessed this was to make her body look more like a man. The stately-looking man was next to her, also on a horse. There were many other people on horses around them and I could see some sort of flag. I was wondering whether they were on a hunting trip or a battle and suddenly, a realization hit me. The blonde woman and the stately-looking man figured out a way to be together and since the man had no choice but to work, she found a way to go with him.

At this point Allison’s voice seemed somewhat stronger and she said the space ship was traveling past some stars or something like that. The scene I was looking at vanished completely and I felt my body was floating through space without the ship. Soon I found myself surrounded by this gentle white light and it felt lovely. Soon, both the lovely feeling and the white light disappeared and I was back to my comfortable chair in real life. Allison said something was happening, but nothing was happening at my end. I asked my higher-self silently, ‘Aren’t you going to show me something?’


Hm. I was determined to see some more despite this rather firm answer, but wait – what was I doing in front of a computer screen by myself on a Sunday evening? I somehow was back to full consciousness and my eyes opened automatically and landed on my husband who was still hard at work in front of his laptop.

I invited my husband to join me on this online group regression, but he declined because he had too much work to finish still. I was a bit disappointed because it was Sunday night and it would have been nice to do something new together. It wasn’t his fault though to have to work, and I did tell him a bit too last minute.

Since this group regression was an online one with many participants, I could leave any time without a care. If it were a cheesy movie, I probably would have run out of a building and rushed back home to my husband with a catchy love song as background music. Instead, I walked over to him and gave him a back massage while he continued working at his laptop. I also shared with him my new learning and thanked him for all the quality time that we spent together.

Who will you invite to participate in a group regression together? It is just like going to the cinema with your partner or friends. Although during the movie, you cannot interact with each other, you can discuss afterwards and share with each other your experience. It is a good way to get to know each other a bit more too. You might even see a life with your partner/friend in it, or better still, you and your partner/friends might view the same life that you previously shared together. The possibility is infinite.

Have a look at the events page on Quantum Healers on the following link, to see who will be offering complimentary group sessions – celebrating world regression week.

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