You Came Here to Play the Game

You Came Here to Play the Game


Tonight several members of my family will be attending a professional sports event.  The Kansas City Royals are hosting the St. Louis Cardinals this evening. I won’t be going.

Oh I could certainly have joined them, and have in the past, but…I just am not a very good spectator at spectator sports. I get antsy. I don’t sit still well, and above all I have the predominant thought that I would rather be playing than watching!

I haven’t played softball since I was a kid, but I loved it. And it isn’t just softball or baseball which I find difficult to watch. It’s rodeo, skiing, swimming, even football and basketball. And I am most ridiculously horrid at that last sport. I never ever figured out how to dribble the ball without actually looking at it.

Nope. I am not going! And it is okay by me and everyone else who is going that I am not. My jiggly legs or getting up and down or (gasp) reading a book won’t annoy anyone and I will be doing other things. But it got me to thinking about this idea that I don’t sit well watching the game that others are playing. Because, I yeah, I just wanna play too.

And this, is the perfect metaphor for life, actually. All life, and my life and your life as well!

At some point when you were deciding to incarnate you likely felt this same urge on the unseen planes. You wanted to come down here to “play the game.” And you wanted the game to feel as real as possible.

So when you are tempted to throw your hands up at your life situation, and lament something along the lines of, “I never signed up for this!”  I would like to suggest to  you that that is exactly what you did.

And you did not sign up to only be the starting pitcher or the homerun king or be on the winning team. You signed up to get in a pickle, get thrown out at first, spectacularly screw up the double play and even have a shouting match with the ref. Yes, you did.

Life can be very challenging, it can be also be incredibly painful but it can and is beautiful and sweet and monumentally magnificent and can and will fill your heart with love and energy that simply is not available to you in any other way. So remember that idea when the highs in your life are incredibly high, or the lows are crushingly low, or even when your day is hot or boring or the flies are biting and the afternoon just drags on.

You. YOU stepped up, you suited up, you came to play the game! And we all get the participation trophy for this event. And we deserve it.

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