You Have The Right To Sovereignty

You Have the Right to Sovereignty

Quantum Healing Modalities

Georgeanna is a talented and valued member in our Quantum Healing community, practicing Beyond Quantum Healing as well as being an Ambassador for Sasquatch People and a contributing author to Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3.  

The healer knows their journey and it’s up to the healer to follow their path.

Article by Georgeanna DeCarlo

Part 1


As I was going through some documents I found this message from several months ago.  I’ve conducted numerous sessions and sometimes one shakes me up a bit so maybe sharing this will help others, too.

Following is a message I received from my soul group, whom I call the Galactic PTA; mainly whom I recognized initially as Galactic Mothers although male energies participate at times and thinking of them as a parent/teacher association suited. Reading it again this morning, I found once more the comfort, guidance, and encouragement – and with a thrill, it occurred to me that maybe others need to hear this and it seems that was their initial intention, too. This is the message.

You Have the Right to Sovereignty

Regarding my most recent session. She claimed the desire to be cured of a physical ailment but ended up being more determined to prove the validity of her current belief system rather than truly embracing the idea of healing by venturing into the unknown. 

Why would she, and others, even bother to schedule a session in these cases and should I be doing something differently? During the session, I felt her hesitance and she named it a feeling of “getting nowhere, seeing nothing.” I was hesitant to tell her that she was holding herself back so I gently reminded her that she will only experience what she allows herself to experience. I felt like we’d already gone over that so much before the session that reiterating it during the session would have just interpreted that as me being just another person criticizing and scolding her. It was the silver stream of light meditation/scan that I think helped to bring her to her earthly incarnation which was of course very telling – and two glimpses into her etheric roles that were so amazing! But my main question is: should I have worked more to get her to identify/integrate this information into her body? I could feel her disappointment in our post-session conversation.

You were right to not pass judgment on the session. You knew that even though she experienced the same old hum drum session she could have just as easily elevated to a phenomenal experience and received immediate wisdom, strength and healing. But you left it to her. That is the beauty of these days and this transition. You couldn’t push her my dear, although we know you were tempted. Neither could we. We are, as you are, respectful of an individual’s sovereignty. Were you, or we, to have responded to her request with the fullness of what she sought, it would have done her no good. It is she and she alone who follows her will. She would have just undone the gift which would have proved more damaging. Truly, the only aspect worth reiterating here is that a person receives according to their free will, their choice of what drama to remain embedded in or whether to free themselves from the quicksand on the hooves of the horses on the carousel.

You will hear clients berate the efficacy of a practitioner like yourself. Be strong dear ones, for those are the ones who like the sick child of the village are garnering your attention, however, not for such altruistic purposes.

It’s the empathetic nature of healers who see themselves as guides which causes you to question your worth…your validity…according to what you perceive as success. We recommend stepping out of that role. You are well aware of how.

We’ve interacted from a distance. Our efforts have been consistently based in unconditional love, yet our efforts have been rejected by a great many in your realm. In response, we have not altered our message nor its platform, yet have extended its reach by enabling a broader range of messengers. You, healer, are not afforded the luxury of this approach. You wear one face. You present your abilities, perspective and if your efforts are rejected, you believe that your approach was negligent somehow. We ask that you reconsider.

Because you are working in quantum fields, your energies are intertwined with that of your client. Although you’ve taken precautions by protecting your energies, it is quite necessary to purify your field – not so much restore it to its essence prior to the initiation of such a session, but rather to hold what you’ve retained for yourself that is helpful, and release, disentangle, comb out what you’ve been taught by holders of the energies of the nebula of harmony advised, is not perfectly aligned with pursuit of your highest, greatest good.

This action, albeit slight by some standards is an extremely powerful tool.

Following the session, take those moments that you’d have without a second thought granted to a client, and release, disentangle this way. Imagine some lingering energies retained by your session. You’ve already set the intention to disengage. You and your client are now parting ways however, this quantum entanglement is a recent dis-entanglement. Time for detach and detox. The healers who are coming to these sessions are quite knowledgeable and well aware of their possibilities which extends to each of your clients. We do sympathize with those whom have picked up on the energies that existed within reach of your client, but like a rope tossed to a flailing swimmer, unless the client grasps the rope, it remains out of touch.

There’s no such thing as a wasted session, nor a practitioner who has done the job wrong. Each person is guided to serve whomever is most helpful. Whether healing occurs, remains entirely at the whim of the conscious mind. This is integration.


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