Your Soul has Chosen this Experience

Your Soul has Chosen this Experience

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The following article is information channelled by Harry Kroner, a Quantum Healing hypnosis practitioner who also has a Master’s degree in Psychology. He’s located in Prescott, Arizona in the US and is known as a catalyst for Spiritual Awakening.

You Soul has Chosen this Experience 

There’s much grief and suffering in the world that’s not needed and is the result of resistance that comes from within. It comes from a lack of flow with one’s own purpose and life. The more resistant you are to flow, the harder it is to accept what is, and what is intended to be, in your life. 

Do not fall for the message that being spiritual is “hard”&that is a misconception that exists. It’s simply the misalignment of your human self, your ego, personality, patterns of behavior and beliefs with the higher self, the soul, and ultimately Source. 

As you evolve and gain self-mastery and smooth those elements out of your existence, spiritual lessons become part of the flow and do not require such resistance and hardship. At the beginning of your spiritual journey into self-mastery, the gap between you and your spiritual understanding of things is quite large and causes inner friction. The more you master, the easier the flow, and the lessons can be understood more quickly without the need to resort to more extreme situations to understand them. 

As you move into higher expressions of yourself. Allow daily reflection and connection with your own greater levels of consciousness. Make decisions from this space and life will align more easily with the life that your soul has chosen as the blueprint of your life. There are main experiences your soul chose to bring forth, however, most of it is still within your free will and choice of what attitude and understanding you bring upon yourself.

Council of Masters through Harry Kroner.

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