A Joyous Realization

A Joyous Realization

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The following article and session story is written by Georgeanna DeCarlo, who is based in Coudersport, Pennsylvania, and we’re excited to share with you her recent online BQH session. BQH is a technique that supports Quantum Healing practitioners to use the internet as it allows us to connect with people around the world. In addition, it can create a wonderful multi-dimensional experience while in the comfort of your own home.

In the following article we see how a Cosmic Connection is revealed!

This experience was a true testimony to follow your heart and not allow fears and doubts to waylay you from your purpose.

Star: client / G: Georgeanna (practitioner)

Star: I have white clothing. It’s very light, and flowing. It's sort of translucent, but it’s not see through.

G: Are you male or female?

Star: I'm not sure that I'm either. I don't feel like we're sexual beings.

G: Describe your body to me. Do you have arms, and legs?

Star: Yes, I'm very tall, but with thinner arms and legs. Not muscular. Our bodies don't have hair. I have very long fingers. Looks like a human face but the eyes are bigger – just slightly bigger, and they're blue. The ears are very interesting. They look like human ears but they're sort of pointy on both ends.

G: Are you by yourself or do you see others around you? Describe your surroundings; vegetation, trees, rocks.

Star: Very uninhabited. Very green, and it feels like the earth, but a really long time ago. There are no humans. I don't see any animals, but I think they're there.

G: Look down at your feet. What do you see?

Star: I don't see any feet because the robe is so long. My feet are not touching the ground. The wind is blowing the clothes that I have on and it's making this whoosh sound. I have this belt on, it's around my waist. It's like I'm not afraid of anything here.

G: What are you doing here?

Star: I feel like we're scouting. We're looking at everything to see what its potential is.

G: Are you visiting the earth or do you live here? Did you come in a ship?

Star: No, we don't live here. We don't need ships to travel. We know how to travel energetically. We have something on our left wrist: it changes our vibration, and we can travel to anywhere.

G: What do you call yourselves? What planet are you from? T Is there a constellation or star system that you come from?

Star: My name is either Arnor or I come from there. A-R-N-O-R.

G: The group that you're with, what kind of relationship do you have with them?

Star: It's not like a family humans have. It's very clear. We can intuit each other, and everyone understands each other, and we all have this common purpose. G: Are you checking on how things are growing?

Star: We don't interfere. We don't have an agenda. There's no domination or anything like that. It's like cultivation.

G: Is this an area that you're returning to, to monitor?

Star: We definitely return periodically. It's like we're terra-forming this. We're observing the evolution of the planet. We're recording it and correlating it.

G: Was your group part of the group that originally planted vegetation here, or are you observing work of others?

Star: We're all involved in choosing some of the things to cultivate; some of the things are brought from other places and planted here. 

G: What are you going to do now that you've made these observations? Where do you go next?

Star: We take all this information and we record it. There isn't anything that exists like this here, it's like the cloud but it's in all of our consciousness. What I observe is in my mind, but I can release it to the collective out of my mind. G: What do you look like now that you're leaving earth?

Star: Like colors. We're just swirling colors, but we're separate. But I'm also aware of all the others.

G: So you took on a body to do the job that you were doing on earth?

Star: Yes. It's the way we would appear if we appeared before someone. The white clothes and no hair and the eyes – I say blue eyes, but it's a color that I can't name. It's not a color that exists in your spectrum.

G: What do you see when you look around you now? Are there any structures?

Star: I don't feel like it's a physical place. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around not having a physical body.

G: You're an individual consciousness but you don't have the need for a physical body.

Star: I just got it. It's like we're a nebula. Yes, that's what we are. When those channelled entities come through and they're a group, that's what this is. People think that those are just gas and dust but it's a collective consciousness.

When people channel beings, that's what this is.

I sense that we're not emotional. We love. It's like (she starts to cry) – we love these planets with all our hearts, but we're not emotionally attached to them. We have a kind of caring nature just to see it grow into something beautiful, something whole, and harmonious. I think harmony is our reason for existence.

G: That's what you're sharing with humans. To let them know that you're out here.

Star: That it exists. That suffering is something that you can leave behind and something that you can work through. That it isn't essential.

G: Would you consider this nebula something that humans can see? Has it been identified already, but we just don't know what it is?

Star: Yes, all of them are like that. That's why they're so colorful.

 [Her next remark shows that her conscious awareness is participating as she is integrating]

G: So, you observe all types of realms, and share that with Star in the lifetime that she's living now on earth. Is that something that she experiences in dream time, or daily awareness? How does that information come through to her?

Star: It comes to her through her voice. When she talks it comes through. So she uses these tools like yoga and astrology and conversations with people of like mind. She learns through talking, and through teaching. She remembers through teaching. She heals the fragments, dissolving the borders: the inner borders. She keeps searching for the common thread in all beings. That's why she likes so many different types of different people to find the common thread.

I feel the reason now: they don't have material concerns, as it doesn't motivate them. They know the frequency of harmony. They know what the flow feels like and sounds like, and they used to have bodies so that they know that they've done this too. So, they care, and that's why they care. They know it's essential for the souls to do this.

G: So this is why she felt the need to connect with her cosmic family? She was calling to reconnect with them.

Star: This makes sense now, because when I think about the earth, and why I do what I do here, it always makes me cry. And I didn't know why it made me cry, but I understand now, because that part of me that's from there feels that deep sense of care, like a baby, you want to protect it.

G: You've been energetically involved with Earth since its conception?

Star: And the people. Knowing what their real energies are like,(crying) and that sometimes they feel trapped and scared.

G: How wonderful it is to have these beings interacting with us that aren't judging us, and want to show us that harmony is possible and that's where we're going.

Star: And that we don't need to manipulate.

G: But their frequency is at a different level?

Star: Yes. They're always observing, but they obviously can't interfere. They do their best to promote joy and harmony, and non-attachment, and all those things because they know that there is no death or hierarchy amongst them. They operate out of the energy of love and so by the very nature of what they come from they can only act in that manner. They have grown out of all duality.

G: It's energy from beings which have moved out of duality. They've had physical incarnations, but moved out of that. I guess some people would call that heaven, and that's their perception of heaven.

Star: Yes. But there are many.

G: That would be the spiral then, the swirling energy, and the colors.

Star: Yes, They're attracted by the energy of others that are at the same frequency. So they automatically are guided toward it, and then they work together because they're stronger as a group.

G: They can decide to descend if they want to go into different planetary areas?

Star: They can leave the group at any time and go to a different place. I am wondering if they're self-guided.

G: Let's ask.

Star: Feels like they're – oh, okay. They're always alerted to…. (Trouble finding the words.)

It's like caring for a plant and noticing that it's not getting enough light. It's literally like that and they can perceive the energy pulse of anything.

G: Because they carry that universal connection? Star: Yes.

G: So we're on a physical plain, but we have that energy inside of us that would be like theirs?

Star: They can observe or feel, I'm not clear that they feel physically, but it’s a frequency feeling and they're able to observe all the energy states as it fluctuates across the surface of a planet, but they can also observe us individually. Like if they were just observing a person.

G: But when a person would send out that signal saying that they desire a connection with their cosmic counterparts, or Higher Self – when a person starts doing that then that gives them permission to come in closer, and also send other beings that are like-minded?

Star: It's like in the Bible: when Jesus said those with eyes to see and ears to hear, and those when they're ready to choose to see, or hear, then they will open that door. They gave their permission. They can't do it without permission. It's kind of like when you are looking at an ant, and the ant can't see you. The people that don't have the awareness, or have the eyes to see yet; even though they can be observed, they can't be communicated with until they open the communication line.

G: Yes, I could see that. They need to have that awareness come into that human being first.

Star: Curiosity is very important.

G: Right. Even then you could see how overwhelming it would be and why they would have to work in lots of different ways. That would make sense then too with people: communicating with the animals first, and maybe not so much with humans. Do these beings work with animals to help heal people and guide people?

Star: Yes. Animals are much easier to work with than humans. Animals are much kinder. They can assume a human form: they can do that too. Not taking over a human's body, but incarnating. They can incarnate to be here in a physical form.

G: Would they carry that awareness with them, or would they be like humans where their memories being wiped essentially?

Star: There is a certain loss of information, because a human can't hold all that information, ut they have an awareness that they're different: An instinctual awareness of the distinctive difference in energy. G: It overwhelms their sense.

G: So, this could be why Star is in nature, and that she cries. They're reaching out to her. She can feel that connection.

Star: It feels like that same care.

G: I'm going to ask to connect directly with Star's Higher Self. We thank you, we honor you, we love you, and we respect you.

Star: We are so grateful that she has been able to get to know us.

G: I feel so grateful for this knowledge, what you've shared with us today. I know that she will appreciate it and that it will help people who learn this. It's really wonderful to know this about nebulas. Connecting with her cosmic family and having communication was one of the intentions that she have set for today's session.

Can you tell her how to be aware of this connection with you, and communicate with you? Some people use butterflies as a way of acknowledging close connection with their soul family. Is that something that you could do for her?

Star: There are certain things around her that she already knows. When she sees symbols: One is the 444, 11:11, and the color orange. There’s also  some  personalised experience’s; Like when she was thinking about her mother when she was in the middle of the desert in the hot springs, and she saw three birds fly overhead together at night. She felt the sun becoming warmer for a moment, or a song, or a part of a conversation overheard when passing by.

G: It feels uncomfortable. She's a beautiful and humble person. She's very careful to not be too proud, but it would be wonderful if she gave some of that love and attention back to herself; she so deserves that. And it would help her. It would assist her to accomplish the things that she wants to do.

Star: She wants to play with everyone.

G: I think that's why people are attracted to her. She carries a light-heartedness and is so sincere; she wants to know people's stories.

Star: She wants others to find that belonging whether they're rich, or poor, or gay, or straight. She wants everyone to know that everyone belongs. Everyone is meant to be here. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone is special.

G: It's so hard for people to experience that, and I know that it will make a difference for people to know, and hear, and feel that.

Star: We’re unique for a reason. We're not meant to repeat things. This system that we're operating in repeats things over and over. That is not the nature of the universe. It's never the same.

G: Has Star had many lifetimes as a human incarnated on earth?

Star: In this cycle, yes.

G: So she's been here a long time?

Star: 25,976 years.

G: Now that she's releasing all the trauma from those lifetimes that no longer serves her, and stepping more fully into the life that she's in now so that she can best accomplish her mission. She was asking for more information about the (vehicle) accident that she was in. If you can explain to her about why that happened, that would mean a lot to her.

Star: She was trying to escape her purpose and live a normal life. She was living with a contentious person that she always had to care for. He would always possess her, but this relationship was a way for her to let go of responsibility for what she perceived as a great responsibility. She had to stop. And we didn't hurt her.

G: She does have some lingering trauma related to that time in the base of her spine. She wants that to be healed today. Star: This is her choice. Part of it is her refusal to fully connect to the earth and to us: It's a knot of energy that will release with her work.

G: So it's going to take conscious integration and the work that she's doing that will loosen, and will untie that knot.

Star: The energy that she's holding there is her work. For lack of a better word, it's kundalini energy. As long as she keeps thinking that she must go through the motions of ordinary human life – she will block that energy.

G: I think that has to do with another question of hers too. A friend of hers told her that she was a “prophet of sorts” and she was attracted to this picture of a woman with bay leaves and discovered that it was the Oracle of Delphi. She also has strong ties with astrology. Has she lived a lifetime as a prophet or been affiliated with the Oracle of Delphi?

Star: She's had so many lives, and she's given information from us to you from her own mouth as testimony.

G: Yes, you mentioned her voice. That's what made me think about people who are connecting with her now, resonating with her voice, knowing and recognizing her from other lifetimes.

Star: Her group is coming together now. They are forming ties. They are just figuring this out now.

G: That they need each other to share information?

Star: Their unique talents fit together, but also they encourage each other in their weirdness. (We shared a laugh over that remark.)

G:. She has many interests in different directions and is wondering if she should fine tune that more? Star: There are things that she needs to let go of like old selves that were fun for a time, but she will increase her light in this next time period as she connects with others helps others with breath work. She will let go of these things gradually as she increases her energy: that what you would call joy, will make those things fall away. Like the man in the first story, the blacksmith, that simple life; her work and the beauty of the earth – these are the things for her to focus on; work that brings joy and satisfaction to whatever her standards are while enjoying the beauty of the earth: especially the parts that have not been strapped down.

G: During a shamanic journey she felt the presence of a white eagle with green eyes. Can you explain to us what that was and what that meant for her?

Star: That is a messenger from our world. We sent it from above as a reminder from her Higher Self. He is beautiful and unlike anything on this earth, but also to remind her that when she is in doubt at the mundane activities of life that there is a bigger picture. G: Another desire is to increase her connection with unicorns, and fairies.

Star: These are all things that have existed and do exist on the earth. The more one allows the fun to enter their life, the more these things will appear. They may not appear in the 3D form that one would be expecting: like her friend who saw a dragon told her that it was the energy of the dragon that was there, and not the physical form.

G: Allowing for the possibilities and believing in them allows people to see them.

Star: Yes, you have to believe to see.

G: Yes, it's like that saying of seeing with new eyes. Thank you for helping her here today. Is there anything that she needs to be aware of, or anything that you would like her to know.

Star: Everything that she does day to day is just like that process of combing all that we talked about: combing the energy, giving herself good light, good experiences and good people. Not seeing her earthly self and her fantastical self as separate.

Knowing that she can keep her feet on the ground, and the sun on her face will connect her with the rest of the cosmos, because outside of her physical being that light can carry her energy anywhere that she wants to go.

Looking for your own Cosmic Connections? Contact Georgeanna or any quantum healer at quantumhealers.com

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