A Soulmate Story

A Soulmate Story

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An article by Alice Mixer

In a recent Quantum Healing session, a young Indian man had questions which mostly had to do with a lady whom he perceived to be his soulmate. She married another man when she had returned to India for what was supposed to only be a short visit. He was totally preoccupied with her, and all he wanted was for her to return to him. Things had not been going well for him and his family. He was very emotional and distraught, so I agreed to facilitate a session for him. In the first scene, in his closet he saw the devil’s face. I asked him to just close the door and then he moved outside, and on the deck he met his beloved deceased grandmother.

It turned out that he was a somnambulist!

In his past life he was a simple man, married to the same lady he had just lost. They had a happy life, but there was a problem: he died before she did, and he never reached the light, because he was so preoccupied with her. We released that soul aspect to return to the light where he reconnected with her and his family. They had all died long ago and moved on, whereas he had been stuck reliving the same scenes from that life. He was very happy to be freed from his own obsession. 

His Higher Self came in and explained why he was drawn to me to release that stuck soul fragment from that life. It was a necessary step for him to take, to move on in his current life. It confirmed that she was his soulmate, that they were meant to be together in this life, and that she would indeed come back.

At various points throughout the session it was his Higher Self speaking, and sometimes it was the deceased Grandmother.

We asked about the devil in the closet: ”It was a demon resulting from a curse put on him and his family from a jealous relative.” We called in the angels to bind the demon, and take it to the highest place it could go.

The Higher Self, and the grandmother expressed deep sadness, because he was so distraught. Intuitively I asked if there was a higher being who can help him? They called in God. God explained that He could not help, because (the client) had denounced Him and refused to pray to Him when the lady had left him, so the client apologized, and would pray again. So God promised to help.

The client was so deep, and it took him a little while to return to his everyday awareness and he remembered nothing. I had taken notes, and we went over everything. He was very happy to hear that his soulmate will return.

Religion and beliefs are very strong within cultures and within our lives, and we need to be aware of this when facilitating sessions.

More session stories can be found at QuantumHealers.com

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