Blue Star Kachina

Blue Star Kachina

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I have heard of planet X and Nibiru for quite some time although I have never really put much thought into it until my session yesterday with a photographer and designer.

He tracks the Nibiru system across the world and he is an incredible old soul. I have transcribed some of the session below in which I learned that it’s NIBIRU’s closeness to earth that is giving us this colorful energy surge to help us awaken. Below is a link to one of his videos. Pay special attention to top left at 00:42 and be amazed. There are entities appearing everywhere. He himself has recorded this and I truly believe it is legit. The colors in the sky are NOT a normal phenomenon.

Also, His higher self has conveyed that the Blue Kachina is our physical catalyst/representation of the “transition” we are all going though and it looks like it is coming soon.

His name is not BOB.

ANGELA – Why Does BOB have a memory of being on a ship? Can you explain to us what this is?
BOB – It is a present life.
ANGELA – Explain to us the significance of this ship in this life?
BOB – The memories will help him remember that he is not from here.
ANGELA – Now, these memories from being on a ship from this life, come from where? Does he travel to this ship? Is it a different time line or of a life concurrently existing?
BOB – It’s an alternate time line.
ANGELA – Is it his future-self time line?
BOB – Yes.
ANGELA – How is his future-self helping BOB in this time line today?
BOB – It is helping him expand his consciousness into understanding what is, and what might be.
ANGELA – What benefit does BOB have in his future self by helping his current self.? How does his future-self evolve as BOB is evolving today?
BOB – Into greater levels of awareness and consciousness and it opens his mind.
ANGELA – Is there anything BOB’s future self would like to share with us today?
BOB – The future is wonderful and there are good things coming.
ANGELA – What part will BOB play in today’s existence with this future? How will he serve himself and humanity in this lifetime?
BOB – He will teach. He will teach the things he’s learned and the things he has not yet learned to those around him that need help in the days to come. There are a lot of people that will require assistance. ANGELA – What can BOB do to strengthen the connection with his future-self in this quest to help humanity now? Is there anything he can do to help the information to flow?
BOB – Keep an open heart and maintain a connection through meditation.
ANGELA – Now, BOB has a fascination with Nibiru and the System he takes photographs of the system he is drawn to it. Can you tell us what the connection is to this system? What does he need to understand?
BOB – That it is part of him.
ANGELA – Can you explain to us how this connection is a part of him?
BOB – He is partially creating what he sees; we all will experience the same.
ANGELA – Can you tell us what connection his future-self has to this Nibiru?
BOB – No.
ANGELA – There is no connection?
BOB – There is no connection.
ANGELA – Okay. The connection BOB has today with co-creating this system, what benefit does humanity have with this Nibiru?
BOB – It will be the point in which we all change. We all evolve into our greater selves and leave the ego behind.
ANGELA – Are we being successful in this manifestation of Nibiru being the catalyst of our change?
BOB – Yes.
ANGELA – Will BOB see the fruition of his intention through this catalyst of change in this lifetime?
BOB – Yes.
ANGELA – Can you give us a timeline in which this catalyst can ignite this change? When is this change going to occur?
BOB – Very soon.
ANGELA – Sometimes humans need dates to help us stay positive, to give us something to look forward to. I am asking the higher self to please, if possible to give us a time frame in which to see this change around us that we feel inside?
BOB – I cannot give you a date.
ANGELA – But it’s happening soon?
BOB – Yes very soon.
ANGELA – Okay, BOB wants to know the significance of the vision that he had with the geometric Dyson sphere? He wants to know if that was the blue kachina?
BOB – That is the blue kachina.
ANGELA – He saw this through a vision of his. Why did he see it through a vision?
BOB – He needed to see it so he could recognize what he sees when he looks up.
ANGELA – Exactly, so this vision will manifest in the future for him. Is that correct?
BOB – Very near future, yes.
ANGELA – Will he be the only one to see this in real time?
BOB – No.
ANGELA – Can you tell us where he will be when he sees this Blue Kachina?
BOB – At home.
ANGELA – At his home where he lives now?
BOB – Yes.
ANGELA – Will he be alone when he sees this Blue Kachina?
BOB – Yes.
ANGELA – Can you give us a time frame?
BOB – He will see it at night.
ANGELA – Will it frighten him?
BOB – No.
ANGELA – Now, BOB sees objects in the sky with faces on them. He wants to understand what the significance of these faces are on these objects that he sees. What are they supposed to represent to him?
BOB – They represent two of the main objects in the system.
ANGELA – In the Nibiru system?
BOB – Yes.
ANGELA – And what aspects of those systems in those faces hold significance to him? What is he meant to understand about these two faces?
BOB – They are not just objects.
ANGELA – What are they?
BOB – They are entities.
ANGELA – Okay. The existence of these two entities that he can see, what impact do they have on BOB and humanity? How do they impact us?
BOB – They’ll first stir fear in people.
ANGELA – Okay for what purpose?
BOB – To help us awaken.
ANGELA – Are they there for the greater good?
BOB – Yes.
ANGELA – Is BOB fearful of them?
BOB – No.
ANGELA – Do the people around BOB acknowledge and see as well?
BOB – No.
ANGELA – Why can only BOB see them and not others?
BOB – Because their eyes will open. (***I guess meaning everyone will eventually get there***)
ANGELA – What is required to shift within a person in order to see?
BOB – The acceptance of the possibility of what is here.
ANGELA – Now, if we create our own reality, why have we chosen these circumstance to awaken us all?
BOB – It is a collective event that is created by all on a level that most don’t even realize they have.
ANGELA – Can you describe this level that we do not realize? How are we making this agreement to collectively create this event?
BOB – We collectively decided long ago. That now would be the time for the experiences that we shall have.
ANGELA – How long ago?
BOB – Very long time ago.
ANGELA – Why did we want to experience this event, for what purpose?
BOB – Mankind as a whole needs it to awaken.
ANGELA – What’s going to happen to those who cannot awaken, who cannot see the faces of these two entities in the planetary system of Nibiru?
BOB – They will see eventually. Those who see will attempt to understand. Those who cannot will leave.
ANGELA – How will those people leave?
BOB – They will be removed.
ANGELA – Can you tell us when this will transpire?
BOB – Very soon, very soon.

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Article by Angela Solórzano

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