Divine Light Conception - A BQH Session

Divine Light Conception – A BQH Session

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Beyond Quantum Healer Chrysilla Lewies had a beautiful session with Bee Heart recently where Dragons came through to speak about divine sacred light conception. Chrysilla is based in Buckinghamshire, England, although you can book a BQH session online with Chrysilla if you live abroad.

Here is what Bee experienced, and what she had to say about her session and what was experienced:

“To be honest I cannot imagine myself ever to talk about this topic in such a relaxed way that I did during the session; I vaguely remember that the Dragons gently pushed against my human inhibition to speak about sacred sexuality. It was interesting and I had forgotten.”

Session 1.6.19 Divine Light Conception

I am moving to the area where the Golden dragons reside. It feels very familiar, and warm; warm red light seems to be around and the Gold that makes up the Golden Dragon.

I feel welcomed, I feel warm, I feel in the right place, and I feel that I’m being infused with a stream of Golden Light right into my heart, and at the same time I see a funnel above my throat chakra through which also Golden Light is being funnelled. I know/feel this if for cleansing the throat chakra.

Right after that I feel a soothing wonderful stream of Golden Light coming into my crown flowing all through my body, so relaxing. I feel such LOVE! I also know that I am receiving codes that I will partly only be able to use later after further purification has happened.

I suddenly see myself standing on the map of Ireland in the area of Kerry right on the Michael’s ley line and I am a Dragon: through my left leg I see a stream of silver light flowing out my left foot into the ground. The flow is quite thin and not very fluid (meaning the silver hardly flows because my own frequency is still too low to allow more fluidity). This will change I know. I also see that while the liquid silver light flows into Gaia it is being touched and handled by the hands of Elementals to ‘funnel it through’ (I am not sure what exactly they do, but they do something to the silver light to make it more fluid. It seems they are adding something to it, maybe their energy signature).

While this light flows through me, I see my right foot standing firmly on the ground holding the golden light which is the Divine Masculine Energy to balance the injection of the Divine Feminine Silver Light into Gaia. The right foot feels so very firm, feels so confident, so stable, so loving, and so ‘right’! It just is how it should be when this happens.

I feel I am asked or nudged to purify my diet.

I see that I am going to do work with women in the future. I see a circle in which we all dance and it is like a ceremony (the word/label ceremony is deliberately avoided to be used here as ceremonies of this kind in the past have been abused/corrupted). I’m told that the circles I am going to hold will not have a chance to be corrupted as it will be guided and literally held by the Golden Dragons (through me, my body, and as I am a Golden Dragon myself, but my current state is not pure enough to do it all by myself. And it’s not even the plan for me to do it: I never just do things as the Avatar here on the planet, I am always aided by my team or my higher beingness which in this case is the Dragon from a much higher dimension). Those circles will be sacred and only those women who are ready for the ‘initiation’ which is the exchange of codes will find me for those circles. There will initially only be very few women.

I received the codes through the session and will only be able to share them when my purification has reached the level I need to be at to be able to hold the right frequency. The same is true for the women whom I will meet then. They will take the code up and activate themselves during our workshop/circle.

There is going to be 100% guidance when I will hold these workshops. I have currently no idea what it entails.

I am shown that a lot of young women are cosmic souls who are searching for their purpose in life and they are going to come to these circles.

These women also have forgotten who they really are. They are highly intelligent, they have gone through the educational systems in their countries and are working often in the corporate world where they struggle a lot. Once they receive the call to join the circle they will be empowered to truly live Divine Femininity, and they will be able to work in their workplaces where there they will implement the principles of Divine Love in the workplace structures. Codes of behaviour and conduct will change in the area where these women are working. They will not struggle any more, but see very clearly their own purpose, the task they came here to do: it is a peaceful transition of the world as we know it now.

I can suddenly see that with the initiation women will be able to decide when they want to conceive a child! It is such empowerment! They will know exactly when it is the RIGHT time to conceive which is pure communication with their soul level.

When Chrysilla asks are we talking about ‘spiritual’ conception I see that initially this is not the case. Babies will still be conceived via intercourse but the women in question will know for certain when they are with the perfect partner and then decide exactly the right moment while they make love that this is THE RIGHT Moment to conceive another soul to come into a human body.

I see and know that women will make a difference in the world when they start to understand the power of their sexuality, their sexual organs. It will be them who are gently taking ‘over’ in leading … this is hard to describe in words, but they will feel empowered while they are with the right partner, and making the decision of conceiving that they are changing the ways sexuality is lived/expressed. Men will notice in ways that makes them wonder… kind of musing that ‘something has changed’ but they cannot put their finger on it. It’s going to be a subtle change for the better. It is NOT women taking control in the way we use the word control now. It is more women taking action, taking full responsibility for their sexuality and thus their own lives.

They will feel empowered without having to show off, they will just energetically come across very different: such a gentle loving and strong confidence will radiate from them, and everyone will feel good around them. Everyone will and can feel safe and good around them.

Slowly men will start to change their ways as well. I also see that there are already some men on this planet who are very advanced, and have fully integrated their feminine and masculine parts, and they are going to create together with their female partners – babies. I see that while they practise sacred sexuality that they are connected during this time with another soul energy, making an agreement to allow this soul to come into a human body. This for some time will still be physical. Later sacred conception will also happen more and more often as it is usual in realms.

What I feel is that relationships will be very different as it is all trust based: Men and women will look at each other from their heart; they will look at each other in love. Children will be free to explore and will feel welcome in this world.

I know and see that my purification process is going to make a difference as I can only then hold the frequency to teach what is currently only dormant within me as I received the codes. It feels similar to being allowed to drive a car after doing the driving test: mine will be the time when I truly can hold the frequency with ease and joy.

Through the session I see myself similar to the inner part of a Russian doll. I am inside the big Golden Dragon. I perceive it all from the inside. I see what is going to happen in the future.

My conscious mind is surprised (kind of mild surprise like ‘oh I am going to do this. I never thought of something like that, and I don’t even feel connected to this kind of work, although I feel very calm and peaceful about it’

Chrysilla, thank YOU DEARLY for YOUR wonderful work! For the way YOU work and for YOUR sensitivity and respect!

Article by Bee Heart

We are all connected, and you can experience ultimate empowerment and connection through a BQH session, as each session is so different, and many times it will lead to an awareness and an awakening to a higher aspect of our true selves.

To listen to the BQH session, follow this link

Bee is based in Ireland, and to find out more about Bee Heart, visit the Irish Wellness Fairy  


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