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Here at the Hub of Quantum Healers, we love to see how practitioners become successful in their endeavors. May they learn from each session, and through each experience bringing in new insight as there’s always room for expansion.

In the following article, Quantum Healer, Lori Reed writes about new perspectives, and of course, it’s not always about what we receive physically, but how we feel and what we know to be true.

Article by Lori Reed

“It’s not the words or verbal expression, but the vibration”

As I was contemplating a client’s session this morning, it was brought to my attention that I also had the desire to obtain confirmation and feedback from a client after their session with me. Anxiously, I have attempted to get clients to provide feedback after their sessions; days, weeks, or even months afterward. When I attempted to contact them, I would receive no response at all. Whether they had any miraculous change or healing in their life, I may never know. I just didn’t understand how or why they weren’t more excited about what happened in their session, because typically I felt it was amazing.
I’ve let this aspect of my work get me down.

So, I want to thank my client’s Higher Self, as I also receive insight from the answers that were given within a session.

The client had a desire to know why she and others were doing this particular Lightwork. Her Guide/Higher Self told her “It’s because it’s so deeply enjoyable and that it’s a prayer for the universe, for all beings, and an invitation to Love, to feel Love, to be Love, to be in the energy field of Love. They are all sending that energy out with the desire for all beings to experience this if they choose.”

As the client was experiencing all of this, she said: “I can feel the ones that received it and I am grateful, because it gives me a beautiful feeling. It’s such a gift to get back in return that this energy is being received.”

Her Guide/Higher Self stated: “The desire is great for what she offers, and the need for it to be received. Truly received. She’s been looking for it in one particular form of verbal expression. But this is not a very reliable mechanism for knowing that something is being received. Not that it’s not correct, but rather not always reliable. We will help her now to change her perception. She must look for the vibration, not the words or verbal expression, but the vibration. It’s also important that she release any expectation. She has done a lot of work around this, but there’s more to release.”

I’m now at ease and at peace with whether or not I hear back from my clients, or feel the responsibility of following up with them. They can reach out to me if they feel called to do so, or not. This is because I can remember how their session felt vibrationally, and that’s what matters. What clients do with what they get from their sessions is up to them. Either way, I know I deeply benefited and expanded my consciousness from the experience. My desire is to enjoy the client’s session. To be in the moment and not to have any expectations on receiving an update from the client afterward in order to validate my ability to serve them or make a difference in their life.

My perception has been changed and it is a beautiful feeling.

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