Et Abductee And 2 Implant Devices

ET Abductee and 2 Implant Devices

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Nina Raphaella Morrocco, located in Peebles, Scotland is principally known for her Twin Flames and Quantum Healing work but writes the following very interesting article about implants&a topic that speaks to many these days.

Following an interesting session with an ET abductee, my client showed me pictures of the marks left on her body. She described the dreams and visions about being taken by the “Grays.” One of the implants was placed in her neck and the other was placed into her abdomen.

While talking to her higher Self during the session, we were told that the one in her belly has been removed, but a large amount of damage was done to her digestive system due to this device and much healing was needed in this area.

 As the session began, we were taken to a ship where she was placed inside a healing pod by her soul/star family. We were able to communicate with one member of her star-family, although I couldn’t get the name of the constellation of stars where they were from; we were told the name was not within a frequency we would be able to pronounce.  The being with whom we were talking wished to be addressed as “Raphiechie.”

Although he was gender-neutral, he felt more male to me and he took us to his planet so we could explore my client’s origin and answer all of her questions.

Enquiring about the implant in her neck, he told us the Grays placed it there over 2 years ago but the process of having it removed energetically had begun. I actually then spoke to the device itself and asked what it was doing there? It confirmed it was there to disrupt her brain function and third-eye and it didn’t have positive intent.

Raphiechie then clarified and confirmed that the process of energetic removal was in progress, but physical removal would have to be done at a later time. My client needed to be in a dream state as it was complicated to remove. He also mentioned that there were times when the client enjoyed the disruption it was causing.

I felt a dull ache in my own neck at that point and asked Raphiechie about it. He said it was one of two things; either I was empathically feeling my client’s device or I, in fact, had one myself. He conducted a brief body scan for me and confirmed that I also had a device and that this had been highlighted to me recently in a previous sound-journey session. The beings who were with me during the sound-journey were assisting me in identifying and illuminating the device that was there. He was gentle and kind and gave me as much information as he could, but we both agreed this was something I would need to investigate further.

And on a much more uplifting note, in this session, we also made contact with the soul who will soon be joining my client and her husband, who are actively trying to conceive. This new addition to the family’s purpose is to be an amplifier of loving energy and joy! I thought that was a beautiful purpose.

“My love and passion for this work grow on a daily. Quantum Healing has the power to bring forth a remembering of that childlike wonder that lives within all of us. The connection that we all have with ourselves, each other, our Earth and the magic that lies within every single waking moment.”   

Nina Morrocco

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