From Worldwide Group Regression Day to Worldwide Meditation Event!

From Worldwide Group Regression Day to Worldwide Meditation Event!

Session Stories

The first Annual Worldwide Group Regression Day  was a real treat. Many Quantum Healing Practitioners answered Candace Craw-Goldman’s call for a celebration of our beloved teacher Dolores Cannon’s birthday and offered free in-person and online group regression sessions on that day. Candace has already asked us to put 15th of April, 2019 on our calendar for the second Worldwide Group Regression Day and I urge you to do the same!

There are many great benefits for having regression experiences. Sometimes we learn about a recurring pattern that we have. Sometimes we receive healing for emotions or physical symptoms that do not serve us anymore. Sometimes it confirms that we are on the right path, or the reason behind why we do what we do. My recent past life regression experience with Chrysilla Lewies on the Worldwide Group Regression Day offered me all of the above as well as new insights for our coming Worldwide Meditation Event on the 27th of May, 2018.

I chose Chrysilla’s online group because she is based in London where I resided previously. Although we had never made a connection until that day, I felt drawn to Chrysilla’s loving presence and felt at ease as soon as we exchanged the initial greetings via the computer screens.

After greeting all participants, Chrysilla gave us an introduction and guided us through a few visualization exercises. I was surprised that a childhood scene related to what she asked us to see came to my mind and I could feel that joyful memory so much that I became teary. Despite it being an online session, I felt safe and well cared for and thus went to a relaxed state very quickly.

A Magical Opening

Under Chrysilla’s guidance, I exited a dark tunnel onto a green field and blue sky. I felt content in this wondrous sight. Straight away, I understood that I was a little boy in simple clothing playing on a hilly countryside with a dog. Chrysilla said we could use our hands to touch our clothing but instead I reached for the dog and felt its fluffiness. My heart swooned over and I gave the dog a full body hug. We continued to play and soon I was tired and lied on the ground watching the blue sky. It was a simple yet magical scene.

Chrysilla suggested us to go home to have a look and I saw myself opening a wooden door. As I stepped inside, I saw my mum (little boy’s mum) bringing food over to the family table. Dad said ‘come and sit down’. My older sister said ‘go wash your hands’. I promptly exited the house and went to a bucket of water against the wall. A silent shadow descended on me and the beautiful scene was no more. No wonder whenever I’m having the best time, I feel it will not last. How many of you feel this way?

Part of me received this knowing that it was during a war and the soldiers were destroying villages. Part of me that connected with this little boy felt a whole lot of mixed emotions – anxiety, anger and grief. I also felt his mind being very confused as his whole world was collapsing. I think my higher-self protected me by blurring out some details so I didn’t know what exactly this man did to me, only that my dog was barking while running over to help me and he or another soldier shot it.

I started crying, as the little boy and in real life. Chrysilla’s voice entered the scene and she said we could watch the scene as an observer and didn’t need to feel anything. I cried a little bit more and then everything became dark. I asked silently, ‘Where am I?’ and I heard ‘in-between’. I guessed it was the resting place for souls who have just passed on.

At this point, Chrysilla had just begun taking everyone through the first important day. I thought the experience was over for me and I was glad because this in-between state was rather pleasant. It was as if my mind took a nap while part of me was conscious enough to keep me from falling off my chair.

From Worldwide Group Regression Day To Worldwide Meditation Event
From Worldwide Group Regression Day To Worldwide Meditation Event

Protective Bubble via the Internet

Images appeared in my mind again when Chrysilla moved us to the death scenes for the lives we were watching. It wasn’t as clear as it was during the beautiful opening. Perhaps part of me was resisting. I saw that my family and I were huddling on the floor against a wall. I was next to my mum and she was heavily pregnant. I saw someone pulled my mum by her hair and I knew someone was doing something to my sister at the same time. I could also feel my little body being manipulated and I was crying uncontrollably. I was angry. I was confused. I was scared. It was a lot to take in for anyone and this boy was too small to comprehend what was going on.

I heard Chrysilla saying repeatedly that we didn’t have to feel anything and that we could be an observer. She has a sweet voice but her tone was firm like steel when she was trying to bring me out of the misery. I felt this protective bubble of energy around me and I knew I was safe from whatever happening. I could have easily followed her instruction but her presence gave me the courage to just go with the flow. It seemed that I was releasing a lot of buried emotions through my tears. I also noticed then the bonus of online group regression was that since we had all muted our microphones, I didn’t have to worry about disturbing other participants with my sobs.

Chrysilla’s voice entered my mind once again when she said there were angels and guides there helping us. Until that point, I, as this little boy, was crying and struggling to stop whatever these people were doing to me. Suddenly as if the fog cleared up and two angels were by my side. The boy had already passed on for a while but his soul was too confused to see and was still crying for survival. His mum’s soul was also there trying to comfort him.

Every life has a lesson or lessons and the main purpose of revisiting a life is to learn the lessons that are applicable for our lives right now. At the end of the regression, Chrysilla asked us to find out the lessons of the lives we just experienced and the answer for mine was simple:

Life is precious. Enjoy it. 

Upon waking to full consciousness, Chrysilla asked us to write down what we saw because the images could fade away very quickly like a dream. We also had a chat about what we saw and I told everyone how incredible it was that even though we were only connected through the mercy of internet, Chrysilla’s loving presence was so strong around me. This was one of the deepest connection I had made with a past life character emotion-wise. “Chrysilla’s next group regression”.

Chrysilla then took us to a future life but my higher-self had another plan. I saw myself walking up a crystal staircase as guided but when I reached the last step, everything except the stairs became dark and I flew into nothingness. I received healing and further understanding of how this life affected me – in that life, the little boy tried to defend his family and friend (the dog) but he failed. He was small but he didn’t see it like that. Someone used his fist to stop the boy from screaming and he felt helpless and hopeless. My higher-self explained that this contributed to part of the reason of my inability of speaking-up at times. It advised me to do everything out of love and to speak from my heart. 

Towards the end of this regression session, Chrysilla brought us all back to joyous mood by giving us a psychology test. I won’t tell you about it here so as not to spoil it for you in case you are going to join Chrysilla’s next group regression. I highly recommend Chrysilla as a practitioner as well as her group regression session.

Further Healing and Understanding

Although feeling content, I was drained by all the crying and decided to do a meditation to see if there was more for me to learn from this life of a little boy or if I might drift of to sleep to recuperate. Before saying goodbyes, Chrysilla checked to see if I was feeling good and I told her my plan and she agreed that was best after viewing a traumatic life. I’m a practitioner myself but I do need support from my colleagues from time to time. If you ever feel less than well after a session such as this, please let your practitioner know and they would be happy to assist you further and answer any questions you might have. Please also allow plenty of time to fully absorb the learning and to rest after the session.

As I drifted off to the dreamy relaxed state, I remembered. The scene where I saw the family huddling together on the floor appeared in my mind previously when my friend from Distomo* Village told me about what happened in his village during the war. It also appeared when I watched several videos on the same topic but I never paid attention to it.

One of the reasons I invited my colleagues to come and meet in Greece  and to put on a free meditation event together was that I felt great sadness when I visited this village. Some of the older villagers can still remember vividly the day when their village was destroyed in the most atrocious way.

It’s time to move on, I thought. In no way am I trying to trivialize people’s emotions or the lost of so many lives. It’s like the lesson I learned from this little boy’s life – Life is precious. Enjoy it. But what can I do to help? I am only one person. Like that little boy, I felt hopeless and helpless.

Please Join Us!

Wait – I have friends! I had by then make many new friends through Quantum Healing Practitioner’s Forum and I had always wanted to meet them in person. When I first presented the itinerary to my colleagues, everyone supported the idea of this meditation event. It’s going to be like a class, so that the locals can learn some tools to help themselves with. All of us will meditate together and hopefully will bring much healing to everyone as well as the land that has seen such great sadness. With a group of my friends and colleagues coming together, bringing with them their expertise and loving energy, there is much hope. It’s about all of us, as a human race, bringing positive changes to our beautiful Earth and all its people.

Would you like to join us? This meditation event will go Live on social media platforms. It will be in English with Greek interpretation. The date is 27th of May (Sunday) at 5pm to 7pm. We would love to have your presence there. Together, we can bring enough love to heal our whole planet Earth!

 *Distomo Village was one of the over 2000 villages in Greece that was destroyed during the Second World War. You can read about it here.

Photos by Konstantinos Anastasakis

Distomo Painting
Distomo Painting

Article by Stephanie

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