Here Is What Your Heart Wants To Tell You

Here Is What Your Heart Wants to Tell You

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 Article by Nina Morrocco

The following article, BQH Practitioner Nina Morrocco connects with her own Heart Consciousness as she decides to explore Soul Connections in her own BQH session. Nina is located in Peebles, Scotland, and we know here at the Hub of Quantum Healers that Beyond Quantum Healing is one of her many passions in life.

Heart consciousness and twin flame connection.

As the session began, I experienced being my own heart consciousness, which I can only describe as an incredibly powerful awareness in the core of my heart space. It was very hard for me to articulate what I was experiencing, and it seems that our hearts are very aware, but not always very articulate; either that or the waves of energy that I was experiencing were so strong I couldn’t speak.

The message that was being received was that our hearts send out pulses of frequency to the brain, and also to the world outside the body: within and around our energy field, and whenever we meet someone our heart gifts them a unique frequency. This frequency then also carry our, as well as their frequencies within our hearts.

When carrying around all these different frequencies, our hearts can get quite cluttered, so we are therefore required to cleanse them

Another concept I received was that frequency we give off is like a fingerprint on the soul of the other individual, and this is a unique frequency that intertwines with your own. This energetic dance can create anything.  It also has the power to destroy, and both frequencies create an entirely new frequency: a creative flow of energy that is shared with the world. It’s somewhat similar to the creation of new life: a baby or a new incarnation.

Our hearts can also recognise the soul that matches ours, and other energies that may also be compatible with their soul.

The heart is always conscious, but not always used to its full potential.

Humans have been, and are being programmed to listen to what our minds tell us and, to ignore the guidance of our heart. But our hearts are incredibly powerful and are i always expanding and growing. This is sometimes  known as a heart-awakening,

I was then told that the frequencies that I have collected have helped me with my soul’s growth and learning. Sometimes, these frequencies stick around because we haven’t yet learned the lesson, other times they stick around for a reason, but they can also stay with you because you may be unaware of how you have affected someone else’s heart frequency. Other times, someone else’s frequency stays with you because they are holding onto you energetically, and often you can pick up on that, even if you are not physically near the other person.

The next bit of information came through strong and clear, and note that this is information I received directly from the heart space:

“You should never cut the energetic cords between yourself and someone else as they are there for a reason. Your soul still needs to learn the lesson, and if they are cut too soon, your soul is still required to learn that lesson and will do so at another time, in ether this lifetime or in a future incarnation, and when these cords are cut you are going against your soul growth and soul lessons that are meant to be learned, so you are somewhat prolonging the process.”

When you fall out of love with someone, the frequency is retracted from their field, however the imprint is left within the other person and that’s why emotions are felt.

When you love someone, like a “twin flame,” a vibrational match, or divine counterpart kind of love, the unique frequency is a direct match, and it’s perpetually given off, and it can always be felt. It’s constant, it’s eternal, and transcends time/ space reality, and the chord cannot be cut, and the frequency cannot be retracted. It’s constant and stays with you which is why these connections and these experiences with our twin flame are so intense.”

At this point I was asked by my facilitator where does the heart’s awareness come from, and after a pause, this was the reply:

“It is universal, a multidimensional heart frequency.

It’s everything, and everything that runs through everything, it is big and so vast.

It’s  Oneness.

It’s complete connection and acceptance of all that is.

Our hearts are the physical manifestations of the fractals of the main cosmic heart that is oneness, and our hearts are these wee little gifts that we carry around inside of us as vehicles of oneness”

The practitioner then asked if there was anything my ‘divine counterparts’ higher self would like to share with me now, and if there is, what would it be? “I feel it as well. It’s not just you going through this process. We both are going through this process and its hard, but it’s hard for a reason. As much as you feel me, I also feel you. I’ve been so scared to explore what this connection was, because of the relationship I have with myself, but I feel it, every day, every moment you feel it, I feel it too!”

When I asked what the purpose of this connection was, the answer that came through was the following:

So, they both remember why they have come here at this time: for the strength of this connection has assisted them both, to grow enough to understand their purpose on this earth, to help the human collective raise its consciousness. Their combined ever-present frequency raises the consciousness, and their unconditional love is here to shift the human perspective. For each, the purpose on a soul level is to balance the male and female aspects within themselves and not look outside of themselves for this balance, for this wholeness within themselves.

It has great purpose.

The lesson within the connection.

It’s her mind, and it’s both of their minds. They can drive themselves insane through feeling the fear, and through the ego program. They can get stuck in their minds and they can forget what the heart is screaming at them. They forgot that the heart is the leading force within the connection. The imprint that they left on each other’s heart is the thing that perpetually drives this connection, and it’s the only thing that matters within the connection. Everything else is just noise, every time you question the connection it’s just noise, and the mind-program is meant to mislead and trick us into leaving the heart’s awareness, but the heart cannot lie.

When feeling overwhelmed by the connection or distracted from life to a detrimental level, tap into the connection through the heart, and allow that creative force of energy to flow through you!

Thank you for reading

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