I Already Know The Answers Are In My Heart

I Already Know the Answers Are In My Heart

Beyond Quantum Healing

It’s truly heart warming to receive feedback from those who had a Beyond Quantum Healing session. Here is one such wonderful story.

I had a wonderful BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) session with Candace this week and wanted to share my experience in hopes that it helps others who decide to partake in this unique healing modality. First of all, Candace is an extremely compassionate, loving, and gifted facilitator – you can feel her energy and love very easily through the online Zoom connection. I have wanted to have this sort of regression for a while but could not find anyone locally who practiced, so this was perfect for me. I think the online hypnosis sessions are the way of the future. So easy, and can be done in the comfort of your own home!

I have watched many online regressions and have seen the magical storyline ones, the ones where the person sees past lives or spirit guides in amazing technicolor. That was not my experience and nor was I expecting it to be – I get massive visual data only when I am on the brink of sleep and not really conscious enough to talk. That being said, I felt like I clicked right in once I gave away the expectation that I was going to go into some mystical wonderland. I go where I always go when I meditate, back to Source, to Oneness. It’s a space of peace and light and unity where I can look down on my experiences as all part of the one. The answers I got were simple but profound, and I found myself laughing tears of joy. The message I received was to just have more FUN – if I stop taking everything so seriously and getting caught up in details, it just flows. I don’t need an outside source whispering in my ear and telling me what to do, I just need to stop and listen to that voice inside me that is always telling me simple truths. Which is funny as I do NOT like to be told what to do (total 80’s indigo kid here) and I have always had a deep knowing that I am now starting to trust more and more.

This session validated for me that I already know the answers in my heart and that my connection to Oneness is always there, and if I take just the time to quiet all the mental chatter and listen, I will hear the truth.

Candace is also a powerful energy worker and worked with me on releasing some blocked energy that I had stuck in my body relating to a traumatic experience and people in my past. She started bringing the energy into my crown and then down my body and I could actually feel it shoot out of my foot in a sharp burst as she was moving it through!

After the session I could feel my body radiating light and energy. I was elated!

The most powerful connection we have is not to guides, angels, avatars, etc… It is to our Self. It is to Source. We are ALL those things. We are One. At some point it doesn’t matter if you were Cleopatra or Arch Angel so-and-so or some magical beautiful alien, because we all are those things. We are experiencing these human lives for contrast, and most importantly, for FUN. Oneness must experience itself by expanding into duality. I am grateful for this session and for Candace for helping me to remember my own greatness and my own connection to all things.

Article and painting by Jessica Neilsen

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