I Thought I Was Healed What Happened

I thought I was healed…what happened?

Alternative Healing

By Jaci Sively

Most practitioners of any quantum healing modality have heard those words from a client at one point or another.  And it’s a valid question!  At the time of the session, things went very well.  There were epiphanies and understandings that allowed so much to fall into place.  There may have been energetic healing from spiritual sources (the Higher Self or Subconscious in QHHT®) or some form of Guidance.  And now, it’s a few weeks later, and what appeared to be a powerful healing seems to wane.

Doing my own inner work, it has happened to me as a client as well.  Post-session, I would notice that I was starting to experience intermittent “symptoms” that were all too familiar to what had sent me to the practitioner in the first place.  Old thought patterns would replay.  And as a client who had high hopes and had believed healing had occurred, I was both confused and disappointed.  I knew I didn’t have any “secondary gain” which is what it’s called when one receives a payoff (whether negative or positive) from something.  I had thought I was following the recommendations of the practitioner, even though I’d been told I really didn’t have to do much and didn’t have to worry – “the healing is a done deal!”  All I knew for sure was that I didn’t feel “right.”  Didn’t feel “normal.”  And I was noticing signs that I was going backward instead of forward.

This is what I call an “integration gap”…an indication that integration of the healing did not fully occur at a body/mind/spirit/energy level.  I didn’t understand it at first.  Many clients don’t understand either – and there are practitioners/healers who also lack knowledge and understanding when it happens.  The “integration gap” occurs when one aspect or another of the client has not healed completely in all timelines, or the healing hasn’t been maintained for whatever reason – including unknown “secondary gain.”  An obvious clue is when the client doesn’t feel normal, and begins to revert back to what was “normal” prior to the healing session.  This can easily result in the gradual waning and deterioration of the healing that took place.

For me as an EFT® (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, as well as a Past Life Regressionist, a very practical way to prevent the integration gap and backward movement is by doing some EFT® with the client – either directly after a regression, or within a short time later. EFT® balances disruptions in our bodies electrical systems; these disruptions can be a cause of our negative emotions so balancing this electrical component of the body can help us to integrate various types of quantum healing.

I like to maintain some contact with clients to answer questions, assess the possible need for EFT®, and/or sometimes to provide something like guided meditation to “anchor in” changes that took place in the regression session.  With skillful assessment that has the client turning inward to look for possible indications of a gap in full and complete healing, use of EFT® as a tool for fine tuning is a swift and effective way to insure that maximum benefit from a session has been achieved, whether the client is someone who came to me for help, or whether I am the client who went to another for my own expansion and healing.

To learn more about Jaci, please visit her website: https://www.tappingyoursoul.com

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