Little Green People

Little Green People

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Article by Donna McMurtry

I would like to share with you a section of my BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing session) that was facilitated by Holly Sciorra last year.

In the session I asked about the “little green people” that I had a vision about. In the vision, I was surrounded by them as they were working on me. They looked like quintessential little green aliens.

I was shown the answer: I was in a dark space inside a transport ship that was shaped like an old-fashioned bird cage, 4 ft. across, probably 6 ft. tall at its tall point, and I’m standing inside it. I know that it’s taking me to another planet, although I can’t feel any movement. I’m glad to be going, and I’m looking forward to being there.

Where the birdcage wires and spaces would be, are vertical “slats” made of some bronze-colored metal. They are closed and sealed for travel. They open upon arrival and I slide through them and step onto the planet. I am a little girl, about 5 years old; me in this lifetime. My attention span, voice and reasoning feel noticeably childlike.

I know that I come here at night when I’m supposed to be sleeping. I bring my body. I see a beautiful fairy-tale forest with huge trees, bushes, flowers, butterflies, and birds. It’s so colorful and pristine, and I love it so much. To my left is the forest, and in the distance to my right, is a city of tall golden towers that are skinny in places, and they have shapes at the top like fancy Christmas ornaments that are round in the middle, and pointed on both ends with many variations of shapes. This is a deeply happy place for me. It is home. I feel the lovely balanced relationship between the natural world and the city. How each contributes to, and enhances the other. This feeling of balance is healing to me. (As Donna, I have a deep resentment and dislike of cities and human constructions, finding them ugly. I don’t understand why people enjoy traveling to big cities.)

A round golden disc arrives, hovering a couple feet off the ground. It’s a small, maybe 5 ft. across, with rounded edges and a mat that feels rubbery Stepping onto it, I plop down cross-legged, and it takes me through the air to the top of a tower. This is all very familiar. The top of the tower is like a patio, and there waiting was the little green people. They are between 4 and 5 ft. tall, with the oversized heads, big eyes and stubby little noses that make them look so cute. Their skin is the most beautiful shade of emerald green. (I now understand my life-long love for the color green.)

Their clothing fits and moves like spandex. Much of it is white, but with plenty of gold too. Very different styles: for instance, one is wearing what appears to be a white shirt under golden overalls, like a single layer costume made to look like layers. Another looks like a Star Trek uniform but its white with gold accents. They greet me with hugs, and love, and as I go inside, I hop onto a table so that they can work on me. The table is white and paper thin. It looks like metal, but it’s very comfortable and conforms to my body. The green people gather around. Some begin attaching things to my head, others use their hands to energetically check my body and adjust things. They are chatting to me and with each other, using a blend of a spoken language that sounds like squeaks, and telepathy. I understand their “words”, but I only communicate by using telepathy. I don’t think my human mouth can make their sounds.

They show me pictures of things my child-self loves, or finds funny such as flowers and animals to keep me from getting bored while they work on me. The machine attachments go to my third eye and to the four quadrants of my brain. They are repairing all the damage done since my last visit. There are several clear glass screens and other equipment they are using, along with their own energy and abilities to repair and rewire things in my head and body. My current human childhood is traumatic and damaging, so I come here often, sometimes weekly, for repairs to be done, to stay alive. Otherwise, my childhood circumstances could kill me, or damage me so much that I won’t be able carry out the missions and work I came here to do. When the work is finished, they spend time loving me.

I’m very sad, and I cry because I have to go back. It is always like this. I don’t want to go back because it’s so bad where I’m from. Leaving is the hard part. They remind me that this bad part of my life will not last forever. It will be over before I know it, and everything will get better.

As my practitioner was giving instructions to transition, I took a split-second “detour” to see what the insides of some of the buildings looked like. It felt like a quick “flight”. The interiors were decorated largely in red, and it was all very plush. Carpets were deep and soft. The rooms were usually round and open inside the bulbous shaped tops of the towers.

As part of a Quantum Healing session, the practitioner connects with my Higher Self to find out why this scene was experienced.

Higher Self

She has been one of the green people, and she has spent great amounts of time with them. The planet is a moon they constructed in the Arcturian System. The green people have their own name, but it is a series of squeaks and blips. They identify as Arcturians, and they don’t mind being called Arcturians. She helped construct the planet, which is why she has such a deep love for it. She is considered old in their society and has been a sort of queen (or wise one) among them.

They don’t fully understand, or approve of her incarnation into this human life, and it was risky to do so. She would have to overcome great odds to survive, and complete the missions; as part of her contract which was agreed upon before incarnating into this lifetime. Also, to maintain her human body and repair her as needed. She doesn’t have to go for repair work anymore as her life is very different now, but they still watch her and connect to her often. They study and learn from her now. She can go there in meditation and contact them, or communicate anytime she wants.

From another sessions, “they’ve” said my father in this lifetime is of the “original line of darkness”. He’s is reptilian—or at least controlled by them, a quarter Native American, with all that baggage! And in my early life he was a pastor in a cultish, conservative religion.

This “ancient, original darkness” has followed me through lifetimes trying to limit or stop my light, since I’m in service to the light. (Oh yes! I’ve been a powerful and terrible force for the darkness too!)

I incarnated into this specific DNA line to stop this line of darkness from going forward, and to change the genetics both physically and spiritually from the inside. There were seven near-deaths that I consciously remember between the ages of four and nineteen. For much of my childhood I “disassociated” from myself. This was a skill that protected me from being too damaged to carry out my mission. I’ve wondered how my body and mind survived the things that I have experienced, even if I wasn’t in the body when it occurred. Now I know that it was my sweet little green people! That speak squeak! LOL.

Blessings to all who do this important work

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