Missing Time And Hybrid Children

Missing Time and Hybrid Children

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Article by Elisa Herrera Wright

Elisa is based in Orlando, Florida, and you can find her on http://healingthepasttherapy.com to book an in person or online session. In the following blog she shares a unique story of when she started out as a new practitoner, and how she followed up with a client years later. 

As a BQH and QHHT® practitioner, I’ve had many incredible quantum healing sessions, and this is the first one I had where a client came to see me wanting to understand why she had missing time during a vacation she had with one of her girlfriends. She was 19 at the time, now 60.  She also wanted to understand why she went to bed in the West coast of Florida, and woke up in the East coast of Florida (about 4 hours away driving).  She was fearing that she might have been abducted and wanted to have confirmation.

The session was mind blowing.  She described how the Gray aliens (two tall, and one small one) came into the hotel room, and all of a sudden, she found herself in a huge vat of clear gel. 

I asked: what does it feel like in there?
She replied: “it feels relaxing and healing” This was a surprise to me, since I thought it would be difficult to breathe. 

Why are you in the vat of gel?  
”My body was damaged during transport and they are healing me.
 Are you afraid?
“I was at the beginning, but as soon as I saw my (hybrid) daughter looking at me through the glass, and telling me everything is going to be ok, I calmed down.” 

I was curious what else she was able to see through the glass so I proceeded to ask: what did the ship look like inside? “I’m not sure, I was only able to see the loving eyes of my daughter looking at me,” she replied.  So, we continued on with the session.

She was back in her car driving and disoriented. She then realized she was nowhere near where she had been when she went to bed.  At that point in time, she started getting uncomfortable, and asked to finish the session as she could feel herself fighting internally to provide the information.  She said she didn’t want to go back into the meditative state and being a new practitioner at that time, I didn’t push it.

Fast forward two years. I had always been fascinated by her story and wanted to know why the ETs had dropped her off in the wrong place, so I asked her to come for a follow up free session, which she happily accepted to do.

For the second session, I was super ready because of having three years under my belt, I felt very confident we could get the answers we were looking for.  The session started with a lot of coughing, which was an attachment that was trying to stop her from continuing.  I released the attachment with the help of Archangel Michael we continued with the session. 

The next roadblock was a type of fog that she had put there as her protection, and we got through that as well to find out she’s part of Gaia’s energy grid.  From there we moved to talk to a woman that had visited her when she was a teenager, and helped her name her hybrid children.  She had three pregnancies that she couldn’t explain, and she wanted to know more about it.  What we found was mind blowing…

Two of the pregnancies were caused by the government and they found her by doing reverse engineering on the implants she had.  This was not a contract she agreed to prior to coming into this life.  The good news is that they hybrid children are no longer being developed.

As a practitioner, I wanted her to get to know her hybrid children, so I had her describe them physically and emotionally. They were all of different races (one is part reptilian, the other is a very small Ashakani human hybrid, and the girl is a human/grey mix), and of different personalities.  The boys are on one ship, the girl is on a different ship.  They are in the process of learning about earth and earthlings, why they are doing what they are doing and hoping to one day mingle with humans.  They connect to her when she opens up (sometimes it’s intentional but mostly done in the sleep state), so they can experience what human emotions are like.  They can feel, taste, smell and see through her what it’s like to be in a human body.    

After this very compelling description about her children, I asked how often she was abducted, and they mentioned that they mostly visit her, or take the fetuses during the sleep state. I also got them to confirm that she will no longer be abducted.

I was curious to know who was providing this information, so I asked and it was the woman that she had seen as a teenager.  I also asked what start system the client was from and the answer was Sirius.  She described her family there as a “solitary family”, “their feet were like claws, black wings, huge wings and they liked to soar together but very seldom communicate”. 

I then asked the question I originally had wanted to ask since the last session, “Why was she dropped off at the wrong location when they were returning her from the abduction she had described during the last session?”  Their answer was… “there was a major problem during the transition and that she physically went into a state of shock and had to be transported to a place where we could care for her in a suspended state”, so then I asked why wasn’t she dropped off where she was abducted and they responded that “they did, but that she didn’t come back fully into her body, her consciousness was not infused within the body.  Her body was driving, her consciousness and essence was not her body. She had somehow become disconnected through the transporting process.” When the soul connected, she realized she was behind the wheel of a car and became very disoriented. They had not realized she had become disconnected!  They had to inject the soul back to the body and “hope it would reconnect”. If there was no reconnection, she would have been pronounced dead in the car.

I also asked about her family, and her brother who is also being abducted, her father was involved from the beginning, but not with the hybrid children program.

I felt compelled to ask about the government’s involvement in a future “ET war” and I didn’t  want to have it in writing, so you will have to listen to the recording to know those answers!  Just know that you need to concentrate on the future that you want to have and don’t get caught on the fear factors.

They did mention that the current state of our government is a show, and it’s purposefully being conducted to lower our vibration.  “The feelings that you are putting out can change everything.”

As I continued with my questions, I asked if she had other incarnations. They explained that this was her first time here “to learn and experience the darkness of planet earth. Many came to donate their energy to Gaia”.  She is a volunteer. 

At this point, I thought we were done and asked if there were any other messages for her and lo and behold more interesting information comes through! She was going to be given crystals that had portals in them (windows in the crystals) and I asked “is that why she’s going to Arkansas to mine crystals this week?” and they said yes.  They explained that the crystals have a certain vibration and that you can match the vibration as you stare at the portals.  I wanted to know if she needed the crystals to talk to her children and they said no, “they are always connected to her.”

As always, beautiful deep messages were delivered.

If you would like to sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the story on You Tube, follow this link

To learn more about Elisa, you can find her on this Directory and on her website: http://www.healingthepasttherapy.com/ 


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