On The Earth Orbit

On the Earth Orbit

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Article by Irina Nola

Irina is a valuable member of the Quantum Healers community. She’s a past life regression therapist trained by Dr. Brian Weiss and a QHHT® practitioner, trained by Dolores Cannon. She lives and work in New Orleans, LA, and also does PLR (past life regression) sessions online. In the following article written for practitioners, she explains how clients may not have any knowledge or experience about the work of Dolores Cannon and may just be the average Joe who doesn’t believe in any metaphysical concept, but yet will find that they still have a very important mission to carry out here on earth, and through these sessions can find out what those missions are. 

On the Earth Orbit

The clients who contact me for a PLR or QHHT® session, mostly read a book or two on reincarnation, or have seen  Dr. Brian Weiss on TV, and they are curious to see their past lives. Sometimes they have a phobia or a personal issue to heal, or a question about relationships or their past life talents, or the best career for them. QHHT® clients are way more into metaphysics, as many of them read Dolores Cannon’s books, and they feel that they might be Starseeds or Volunteers and are on Earth for a mission. When QHHT® clients see an extra-terrestrial or any non-human past life in a session they are open to it, and enjoy exploring it with curiosity and wonder. Very rarely do I get PLR clients who see non-human past lives, and if I had no Dolores Cannon’s training – I would also get confused about their insights. Luckily, I have lots of experience working with Volunteers and Starseeds, and even if I get these “non-awakened Starseeds” – I help them to expand their awareness. Sometimes a routine PLR session can become a Starseed Awakening.

I had a couple of unusual PLR clients recently, both curious to see their past lives. They had no knowledge of Dolores Cannon’s work nor any affinity with ‘Starseeds,” who only existed in higher dimensional past existences, so this life was their first life in any physical form.

One session was an online session with a woman in Australia, the other was an in-person session with a local woman. The problem with clients that are “not-awake” clients is that they are very interested in human past lives, and they have no idea that they can be ETs or energy beings in a past existence. They are not on any “Starseed” forums, so if they fail to see ‘normal human past lives” in a session, they feel that the session was a failure. QHHT® clients are usually easier to work with as they are more open to any non-human existences, but as I said in many of my posts – as a Brian Weiss’ student I “work in trenches” and get mostly mainstream clients who do not read any metaphysical books, do not meditate, and are clueless about the possibility of not having human past lives. I’m very grateful to Dolores Cannon’s classes and books as it opened my mind to non-human existences, so I can deal with these clients and expand their consciousness, although it still doesn’t guarantee that they will be happy with the session, and it might just plant some seeds of awareness, even if they are not fully satisfied with the session as it’s not what they expected.

To get back to the two sessions I had recently. When a client doesn’t go into a past life or any events in this life, I start “stacking scripts”; I know dozens of Past Life Regression scripts and use them one after another. The longer they stay in trance – the deeper they go, so sometimes it’s just about dragging out time, and taking them through all kinds of visualizations until they finally “pop” into a past life. My “last resort” script is LOOKING AT EARTH FROM THE ORBIT. I take them in a bubble of energy, or on a magic cloud, or carpet to the Earth orbit and make them look at the Earth from above. They are floating above Earth, looking for a place calling them, and then move into a past life from there. This is a well-known PLR script used by Dr. Brian Weiss and other practitioners, but what I discovered was that it can be more than a way to get into a past life. It can become a portal to pre-birth planning, extra-terrestrial or higher dimensional past lives, and the life purpose in this incarnation.

If they can’t find a location – but get highly emotional – BINGO! This is what happened with both of my clients this week; crying their eyes out looking at the Earth from orbit. Since we have an emotion here, I just touch them on the forehead with their permission – why are you crying? What is the reason you feel so emotional? The first client felt a lot of excitement and she was eager to go to Earth to experience all kinds of adventures. I asked her to look to see where she was coming from – some purple planet.  She was a blob of matter who could move a little bit, but there were no emotions or events. She asked to leave there and into some place exciting – and they sent her to Earth. She was amazed at how beautiful this planet was and eager to become a human, and to have fun. I asked her if she is choosing the place and family to be born? “No. They tell me where to go.” They also showed her, her future husband – his energy was grey, and she will have to heal him as he had a lot of Earth lives and collected lots of negative energy, but he will ‘show her around” and she will be responsible for healing him. (we did lots of healing for him in the session via his Higher Self).

The second client went straight into the world of “pinkish-orange clouds.” In the beginning of the session, she felt blissful with no other emotions, but with everything being inter-connected and simple. She was called to come to Earth, and when in orbit she felt cautious and didn’t want to go down. We connected with her Higher Self and she was told that she Volunteered to help. She had no physical past lives at all, only an energy being in her world, and she started crying – she was getting information that her mother (passed several years earlier) was also from her world and they came together to help each other. Her brother was also an energy being but from the dark blue world, more mental and introvertive, but also no past lives on Earth. Her boyfriend agreed to be her “host” and ground her in this human life. He always asks her to hold his hand crossing the street – not because he was her parent in a past life (that’s what she thought) – but because he knows she is ‘spaced out” and not fully grounded in her body. Her dog also is an energy being from a yellow world – no past lives. This being also came to support her but chose a body of a dog. Since they both came as Volunteers, I asked them if there were any missions for them to carry out, or just lessons and experiences? Yes, there were missions for both of them, and they are very simple: bring LIGHT.

Both were told that they share light every time they interact with people. The Australian lady was a corner-shop owner with lots of customers, she uplifts everybody’s energy every time they come into her shop. The second lady was an environmental engineer and also a crafts person selling her creations at festivals, but her mission was a bit bigger as she is cleaning the air on Earth with her energy field and working for the healing of the planet, but she is also sharing her Light with everybody. She can continue her job and teach, and become a teacher and a leader, or she can choose to be a vendor, or do both – it’s up to her; in any case she is healing the planet.

So, this is what I wanted to share with you all. If you have a client who can’t go anywhere, and you might have an intuitive feeling that they are a Volunteer, bring them to the Earth orbit, and start working with their feelings, and from there you can go into their non-human past lives, or to their mission on the Earth; this life purpose and life contacts. It seems to be a very important “station” for Volunteers who came to Earth to help or explore, and you can get a lot of emotions, insights and information when you take your clients there. Some of them might go into a past life from an orbit, but even if they do not – you can use this position to get a lot of information and guidance.

You can contact Irina at www.NewOrleansHypnosis.com


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