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Spiritual Intervention

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Spiritual Intervention

I had a Quantum Healing session with a lady whose mother’s best friend had passed. A few days after the funeral the husband of the deceased, distraught beyond measure, wanted to end his life.  The client’s mother found him in a room with a loaded firearm to his head and implored him not to shoot, but to no avail, he pulled the trigger.

The gun fired, and through some guided intervention the bullet did not hit him. The man was not struck nor was there any damage found from the bullet anywhere in the room. Extraordinarily, the bullet was also missing from the firearm.

After the suicide attempt, they both drove to the burial place where the lady was recently laid to rest to pray. To their amazement, this is where they found a bullet mark in the new marble headstone.  They found the spent bullet laying on the ground below the mark it had made. When the husband saw the bullet, his faith was restored and this sign gave him the incentive to continue to live.

We asked about this intervention in my client’s Quantum Healing Session.

They answered and said: “The ‘I AM One’ the deceased wife, ‘took the bullet’ for her husband.”  When I asked further how this was done, the ‘I AM One’ responded and said, “She transported the bullet, with her energy and with her love.”  This was a message from his wife that it was not his time to go.

This mystical event also served as an awakening for my client’s mother as she witnessed it all. She had severe chronic anxiety where she took tranquilizers to help her. In this session, we asked for surrogate healing for the anxiety and to find out the cause.  (This procedure is where we can connect to the higher consciousness of another to ask for healing through someone else.) ‘They’ looked inside her body and said, “The medications is not causing any harm to her body, she is using the anxiety to awaken herself.” They then reduced her anxiety to a level that is barely noticeable.

For three decades I have researched the messages received from those who have passed on to reassure myself that they are still with us in some way, as I know that our souls are eternal. I also know that when the time comes, and I find myself on the other side of life, I will still know what is going on down here on the Earth plane.

I had one of my own experiences when my father passed, where the water in the shower would occasionally turn on by itself. People around me who had spiritual awareness knew what was happening instead of using an explanation such as “The pressure in the pipes must have built up”. We knew instantly it was my dad’s energy releasing the water.

I never get tired of hearing or reading stories about those who have passed over. They want us to know they are still with us.  Two really great books I can recommend on this subject are “Hello from Heaven” by Bill and Judy Guggenheim, “Final Gifts” written by two hospice nurses Maggie Callanan & Patricia Kelley and of course there are many more books on this subject.

Besides books and looking for signs, another avenue to communicate with someone who has passed over is by seeking the services of a medium. With the popularity of the television program called “The Long Island Medium”, this practice is becoming more common than ever before.  Another avenue you can explore to retrieve information and communicate with those beyond the veil is to have a QHHT® or Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) session. In a session, a client will make a connection to their Higher Self, and your Higher Self knows everything there is to know about you as it’s another aspect of you.

You can also gain access to this knowledge through meditation as well as bring forward any question you might have about your life or life in general. Many clients ask about their true purpose in life or why they are here in human form in the first place.

It may sound unbelievable, but Quantum Healing Practitioners do this with their clients every day. There are thousands of Dolores Cannon trained practitioners and other Quantum Healers worldwide.  Through our Original Quantum Healing Support Forum Communitywe are able to share sessions and stories with each other and become better facilitators for our clients.

If you practice a healing modality, please join our community or read more stories on quantumhealers.com

Article by Ann Dwornikoski

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