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The Event

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Article by Thia Rose

For those who have been keeping up to date with news and information regarding ‘The Event,’ this story might just be for you. In a recent Quantum Healing session there was interesting information that surfaced with some important dates that we will have to keep a close eye on to see how they might unfold.

This particular session was with a lady who I’ll call Angela, as her energy was truly angelic. She is an E.T experiencer but has no fear of them; the only clear information about them are dream-like impressions but she has seen light star-ships up close. She wanted to explore this and find out more about her Star family.

Quantum Healing session

The first past life we explored was that of a young ‘human’ male on Earth. He was dressed like Robin Hood and was standing on a bridge between two mountains in the forest waiting for something to occur. When I moved the client forward he described seeing a diamond-shaped star-ship made of light which took him on board. He got very emotional as he explained what he was seeing, “The interior of the ship appeared way bigger than the exterior. The beings were from the planet Lyra and they are my family.” They were taking him home because his mission on Earth was complete.

While on Earth he was working with “The Forest People” known as Sasquatch. He explained how they were very special and important to the Earth. “They hold high-frequency energies and they are helping the forests here on earth. They support all forest life, they are very powerful nature spirits, very angelic, and very highly evolved. They were my Earth family even though I was human. Their homes are hidden in plain sight and hidden beneath the earth.” The star-ship then went through a stargate and landed on Lyra. While enroute, “he” shifted into a female aspect he called, “The real me. I was male for that particular lifetime on Earth because I required a more masculine body.”

I continued my questioning and asked, “What did you experience on Lyra; can you give us more details?” “On Lyra the colors were very bright and vivid. Everything was translucent and the buildings were circular, iridescent, and reflective. The plant life and flowers were colorful, lush, and plentiful and the colors there were of a nature never seen before and everything was pristine. The energy feels 12th-dimensional,” he explained.

She returned to a life as a 12th-dimensional being and was given a name that was difficult to pronounce and the best Angela could do was She’ena l’au k’ua. It seemed to be a Light Language!

At that point She’ena l’au k’ua explained that she was a higher dimensional aspect of Angela and not her Higher Self. She had completed missions on multiple planets and Angela is currently on one of these missions. She’ena l’au k’ua was happy to answer all of Angela’s questions and many were personal in nature. She also explained that her soul was originally Lyran when she first came from Source, but she has also lived in the Pleiades Constellation. She does have a Pleiadian support team helping her while she is ‘living’ this lifetime on Earth in addition to  E.T.’s with whom she has had contact.

When asked, She’ena l’au k’ua answered questions about The Event.

“It is coming soon,” she said. “There are possible dates in June, August, September, and November of 2018. It all depends upon the energies of those residing on Earth. It will feel like a wave of pure love energy and will be felt differently by each person.”

There will be a separation point where eventually everyone who can ascend will, and everyone who can’t ascend will continue to live in dimensions that are appropriate for their soul group. The New Earth is here – we bridge in and out of it already without being aware. The Event will have a great impact on all aspects of society as it will speed up aspects which seem to be crumbling and everything will come to the surface.”

”Lightworkers and empaths need to pay attention to their vibration and keep them high. Knowing about all the darkness doesn’t serve you. The darkness will be coming to the surface even more so now than it has done before. The Earth was never meant to become as negative as it is now, which meant a rescue mission had to be sent to lift the vibration.”

She’ena l’au k’us said that YOU (meaning all of us) are the rescue mission.

After the Quantum Healing session was over, Angela talks about her experience and ‘Event’ observations:

  • “I was shown we are in the pilot wave energies of ‘The Event. I could feel the energy, but I didn’t know how to identify it as ‘Event’ energies until my session.
  • If you can feel the energy, put your focus on the heart and pull the energy into your body, as this will trigger a larger wave.
  • I was shown a calendar with the date of June 29; highlighted in bold black letters as the next date of a potential event. Next, August, September, and November (2018) were also highlighted the same way as my eyes moved along the calendar. Each date is a potential given the readiness of humanity being able to receive it.
  • Activations were received through this session. I am still integrating it and in fact, I feel very different now. I still feel ‘open’ to that portal of energy as if I could ask anything and get answers clearly.”

(Dolores Cannon always spoke about the portal staying open for a while after a Quantum healing session.)

This particular session was high in frequency and we were both moved emotionally. I feel privileged and honored to have facilitated this Quantum Healing session and to talk with such high-dimensional beings. The Event will be something we will hear more of in the future. Many of us have experienced the new incoming energies that will be assisting us with the transition to the New Earth.

Thia Rose is a practitioner who practices BQH and QHHT® in Delta, Colorado.

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