The Obsidian Mirror and the God of Resurrection

The Obsidian Mirror and the God of Resurrection

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Fernando Martinez is a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner having studied under Dolores Cannon’s method; he takes clients into their past and future lives to uncover their life purpose and to clear any traumas that may have carried over into this lifetime. These sessions are known to be miraculous and in some cases clients can experience instantaneous healing.

At the age of 12 Fernando had already received his first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and traveled the globe participating in world federation competitions that ultimately landed him the opportunity to enter the Junior Olympics. Fernando was well on his way to becoming an Olympic gold medalist, but his desire to understand the power of the mind was too great, so therefore he quit Tae Kwon Do to pursue his spiritual journey of which nothing could have prepared him for.

In the following article the client goes through various scenes of imitations, challenges and tests to obtain a better understanding of life itself. Ultimately the goal of a Quantum Healing hypnosis practitioner is to evaluate the client’s direct experience and to assist them to heal from any traumas that have been carried over into the client’s current life, if any. 

We explored 6 scenes; separating the client’s initiation process and his past-life experience to deliver a comprehensive story, and to reinforce the first-person narrative.

Scene 1

I find myself in the middle of a desert peering into the vanishing point. The first thing I noticed was the sand. It appeared to be gold, but upon closer inspection the sand reflected an eerie blood-like undertone. Realizing the sand had a faint light floating above it, it permeated out to as far as I could see in every direction. Bending down to take a closer look there was a sensation of subtle vitality that jumped to my fingers sending chills through my entire body. It didn’t hurt, but it definitely made me feel a little uneasy. Looking up as if I felt a pair of eyes on me, I saw a black object in the distance that wasn’t there a second ago. I felt compelled to investigate, but I wasn’t sure if I should move around in this… Dream? Hmm. Where am I? It was night, I knew that, but although I was slightly intimidated by my unfamiliar surroundings, I actually felt at peace here. A sort of solitary peace, something I hadn’t felt in quite some time. Going back to that weird object in the distance, I started to look around for clues on how I can traverse this… realm maybe?  Man, where the heck am I? Trying to move my body was out of the question. It felt like my feet were anchored to the ground. Before I could panic, I had an idea of projecting my thought of being in front of the object in an attempt to move with my mind.

Just thinking of the thought instantaneously transported me directly to the front of this object. The abrupt change launched my mind into a wild stupor. Regaining my senses, I immediately knew that this was no ordinary object, it was an obsidian mirror.

After a closer examination, it turned out to also be multi-dimensional. It was an entrance. A portal to something I found to be familiar, and I’ve come back to get it. Feeling that sense of compulsion again, I went inside to investigate. It dark, and I could barely see. I had to really focus to comprehend what I was experiencing. As I relaxed, I saw dancing red strings or auras moving in a mesmerizing aquatic way filling up my vision to then slowly evaporate as the scene began to form in front of me. The first thing I saw was hieroglyphics on the wall, and without any communication I understood that “They” wanted me here and that “They” led me to this place.

I looked around or ‘felt’ around rather, to see if there was anyone inside. Sure enough, I felt a presence in the space around me. Fear began to spread from the corners of my gut; I thought that I was alone in my dream, or vision, or whatever you call this experience. I didn’t like this at all.

An unearthly rumble relayed a message “It is I, the deliverer of the written word. My name is Thoth and I am here to examine you. No need to fear me.” And just like that, the fear melted away like a thick ethereal substance leaving my gut replacing it with feelings of security, safety, and eternal love. I didn’t know where I was, but I knew I was undeniably protected. That was all Thoth had to say as he slightly receded into the corner of the darkness; keeping an ever so sharp eye on me.

He pulled out a writing utensil and started jotting something down in a notepad he held. As he did, I noticed a faint light surrounding him as he etched away. I asked him what that light was and explained that it was a Merkabah. I looked down to notice my own Merkabah swirling in a cosmic synchronized yet irrational motion around me, oscillating from my core. I felt safe, but it didn’t last long. I then snapped my head up as I felt something hauntingly powerful approaching. I’m not sure if this is going to work, I thought, and as I centered my attention around the Merkabah in an attempt to empower its protection. I felt his energy thicken as a dark silhouette of what I believed to have a human-like figure stood in the distance. Thoth interjected and said: “It is Ra, and he watches.”

Doing my best to stay wary of the figure in the distance, I noticed a light rising in illumination pouring from my crown while a square of brilliant white light opened beneath my feet. I felt my entire being descend into a free-fall. Everything is hypersensitive and magnified. Oddly, as I fall, I feel happy. It was breathtaking and I understood perfection in every ounce of my being. How does that translate? I am not exactly sure, but I just know that I’m home.

 Thoth touched my shoulder and assured me that it will be okay. I then moved into a scene where there were millions of light beings all gathered in front of me like a luminescent sea at night. Interestingly, they were staring at me…and I’m yelling at them: “We are all connected! We are all here together for the glorious being!” I yelled with a joyous charisma and a hint anguish. As I continued speaking to the sea of lights in front of me: “I can feel it all around me!” The faint murmur turned into a nostalgic ceremonial chant.


Scene 2

As I walk alone along a distinct path in front of me that continued to stretch in one direction, eventually vanishing into the distance. My path is illuminated by a light protruding from the center of my solar plexus out into an eternal direction in front of me. Like a mighty beam of light exposing the stars in the night sky. The light feels so expansive and malleable, as if I can control the never-ending stream of golden white light and move it in any direction. It feels good, it feels warm, and it feels like true unconditional love.

I’m led by my intuition; through the desert to an old location that resembled a pyramid, similar to the ones in ancient Egypt, but this one was different. Inside contained advanced technology and in the corner stood a tall 9 foot female figure. Aside from her size, she didn’t seem to be threatening, so I asked her to explain what I was looking at. The best way I can sum up how the technology worked is that it is similar to virtual reality. Easy right? Well, Not quite. Before I can wrap my head around the idea of a virtual reality machine existing through several dimensions, I was launched into the machine. Instead of panicking, I somehow knew what I had to do. I was in yet again in another dimension, but this one was different. If felt like it was a game or some type of training center that facilitates the development of certain abilities. Apparently my objective is to fly to survive and freedom was the clue. My flight proved to be strong and steady. Turning to Thoth, I smiled. All he did was look down and scribbled furiously in his notepad. Ra continued to watch in the distance. Assuming I was the operator, a voice emitted from an unknown source and spoke: ‘6 more tests to go.’

Scene 3

“We knew this day would come! We do not fear what is said to be!” We will defeat it!” I yell to the sea of light in front of me. There doesn’t seem to be much joy emanating from the beings, I feel trepidation, anger and sadness in the hearts of the energies in front of me. My voice is strong and moving, but I didn’t quite understand what is going on. Fear started to crawl as I turn to see myself standing next to something very familiar, a guillotine. To the left of the guillotine stood table with a large contraption on it; this contraption was intended to extract my spinal fluid and blood. I was in complete horror. I watched over these beings, I galvanized them, I loved and cherished them! Why am I being mutilated by these entities? What did I do to deserve this? Suddenly, a ringing shot in my ear: “We knew this day would come!” …what? NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE! The deed was done and my light body was dispersed. The crowd was appeased.

Scene 4

Operator: Second test begin!

This time I felt overly confident in my abilities. I was supposed to ’go below the surface’ to face my reflection. I then found myself to be flying a helicopter, but under water like a submarine. My objective was to dive deep and destroy. I couldn’t figure out how to do just that and struggled tremendously.

Operator: “FAILED!”

Thoth didn’t write anything down this time, but stared at me curiously.

Operator: “Third test to begin!”

Alchemy was my third test, but by this time my mind was over thinking and I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t want to play this game any more. I had no clue as to what alchemy was! I started to look around for ways to get out, but I already knew there was nowhere to go. Fear began to emerge like an old companion.

Operator: “FAILED!”

Thoth writes nothing. Full blown anxiety permeated throughout my body; centered around my solar plexus. Commotion started to stir and an unsettling heavy feeling started to replace my light.

Operator: “Fourth test to begin!”

Stability and strength determined the victor in this round, but I really didn’t care any more. I wanted to get out because I could feel the trembling from the panic that spread across my body like a cornered feral dog.

Operator: “FAILED!”

Operator: “Fifth Test to Begin!”

Thoth and Ra continued to watch, but my mind was over encumbered with many frightening thoughts. So far I’ve experienced more joy than one can conceive, yet fear is currently the main focus. Almost as if propelled by negative thoughts, my emotions thickened and swirled about my body making me feel sick and heavy. I couldn’t even fly any more. Fear bound my soul. I couldn’t handle it any more. The pressure is so intense; like a supernova had detonated from my core releasing all of the tension I held, I had surrendered to the divine unknown.

Operator: “PASS!”

Thoth scribbled in his notebook once again. Looking at him confused, he reassured me that accepting change was all that was necessary.

Operator: “Sixth Test.”

Feeling better now, I looked at the next test with renewed ambition. In that moment I thought to myself: “if I could only retake these tests.”

Thoth turned to me with a half-smile and said, “It’s time that we know how to use our abilities. As you say, we are a school of ‘magic,’ and you may retake any of these test at any time, and there is no pressure from us.” Thoth turned back around and continued to write in his pad and spoke: “But you cannot move forward because the sixth and seventh tests are about elevating yourself to the divine being.”

From what I am told, in order to complete the sixth test, I must find my cosmic family and elevate myself to Godhood: by union with the light. Thoth began, “That is why the seventh test is pure golden white light. The divine Light.” The test ended and I open my eyes to see the woman standing in front of me.  Confused that it ended so abruptly, I spoke to the operator without thinking and said that I wasn’t done.

“Yes, you are.” Is all she responded.

Scene 5

Thoth! Why do they want to kill me? My mind started to race with questions because I had apparently agreed to this.

Shortly after the guillotine had dropped, Ra appeared before me in a black and white guise to take me home. Everything was silent. I felt like I did the right thing, but my memory is foggy. Ra assured me that I wasn’t the only one. It was an orchestrated global sacrifice of select individuals that occurred simultaneously to defer an impending event. Sacrifice was necessary to preserve sacred knowledge. My brain felt compelled to shut down due to the overload of information. I turned to Thoth who was still writing in his pad, not bothered at all by what had just transpired. I couldn’t say a word; I was utterly perplexed.

This side of the story is to be continued…ongoing investigation.

Scene 6

“Who do you think you are?” asked the mysterious pyramid woman. I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that question, but what instantly came up was: “I am God,” and not in the egotistical way as I believe that to be true for everyone. I remember now! Almost screaming; Ra smiled. I get it! I told myself at one point in life that I was not capable of Godhood. It seemed so easy, but that was the power of the mind. As I stood in front of the woman, light descended from above the pyramid, through me, and down into the center of the earth realigning my spirit with the celestial energies of the cosmos.

The woman remarks, “This one is done.”

In conclusion, both the client and practitioner continue to develop and strengthen their connection to Thoth, Ra and the Operator of these training centered.  

Article by Fernando Martinez

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