The Secret Pixie Doorway

The Secret Pixie Doorway

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Nina Morroco is located in Peebles, Scotland, and is a new, up, and coming practitioner. She delves deep into matters of the heart and relationship aspects to help her clients in the best way possible. The following session is her own, where she realizes her own empathic nature, and how BQH revealed this through showing a Magical life of a Pixie.

Wise words from Nina: “Beyond Quantum Healing has the power to bring forth a remembering of that childlike wonder that lives within all of us all, the connection that we all have with ourselves, each other, our Earth and the magic that lies within every single waking moment.”

The Secret Pixie Doorway  

In a recent BQH sessions with fellow practitioner and friend Hannah Fogg, I came to a scene where I saw a beautiful old tree, but it wasn’t a tree in the traditional sense as you can imagine. The tree was very much a “him” in this time-space realm. He had a face entwined within his beautiful, old, well-inhibited trunk. He was like some sort of wizard or elder being. An air of great purpose and wisdom emanated from him.

Protruding from his “limbs” he presented a doorway, a wonderful heavy old wooden door. I had no idea what was behind the door but was curious to find out.

Before entering through the door, we had to identify my form. My feet were long and angular, I was barefoot, it was of a pale green-grey color, as well as a beautiful sort of “dirt.” Like my feet had always been bare.

When I was asked if I wore clothes my answer was yes, we did have clothes but not for covering our modesty like humans, they were more for decoration. We would creatively adorn ourselves in the resources we would find amongst the world’s we found ourselves in. As this being, I particularly liked to use the inner membrane of leaves: I would carefully pull it away from the leaf, and preferably fallen ones. We would always thank them kindly for their offerings.

Once the membrane was removed it was wrapped around my torso, so it would dry on my body to resemble shabby lace. I had fine and angular features on my face, my ears, and my fingers would come to a fine point that would taper away at the end into almost nothing, or as described, they would “whisp” away and disappear.

My hair was tied up with various trinkets found in the forest. Twigs and such to keep it away from my face, and there was a darkness and a beauty to this creature. I was a Pixie. One who had wings, although they weren’t often used. I could fly, but wasn’t overly bothered about flying. Much like a Chicken, I had the ability, however, lacked the urge to fly. I preferred to wander and climb. After discovering what I looked like and who this creature was in this realm, I still hadn’t forgotten about the door. There was a knowing that I was supposed to go through the door, but I still didn’t know why.  As I faced the door, I can only describe it as a beautiful wooden door that had many types of insects crawling about over it, and a big heavy curved rusted copper-colored handle. It was heavy but easy to open. On the other side of the door, it was made entirely of wildflowers.

gathering my bearings, I could see the most beautiful and peaceful garden; alive with life! I wanted to stay there and take it all in however, I knew there was something I had to do and somewhere I had to be. There was a path, and I remembered that this was a garden that was a gateway to another world. The door in the tree was in fact a bridge into other worlds.

At this point I realized I had to find an actual bridge within the garden that would take me directly into the other world, so followed the path to the bridge, that led directly into the most beautiful aquatic world, with all manner of newts, and frogs and amphibious creatures, as well as pools of water and the sound and smells of a waterfall. This was a healing place where beings would come to, to take refuge and find sanctuary from their everyday lives. At this point, I remembered what I was doing here: I was here to see someone, to help someone. She was beautiful, she was old and weak, but incredibly beautiful. She was a little Elf type being, with the most enormous and kind eyes.

I came to be with her in this place to assist her. She was dying and needed someone to be with her. As she was passing on, I took on some of her pain and her fear. I could feel it within my physical human body. Pixies are incredibly empathic; I took on her disease, her pain, and sorrow. She passed quickly, and she left the healing world. It was a powerful experience to feel what she was feeling. I, the pixie being I wasn’t allowed to leave and go back until I had healed myself within this healing place. I had to heal the pain and suffering which I had taken from the Elf which helped her move on at the end of her life. 

A cleansing was needed before carrying on. This realization opened up an awareness that this was something my human form needed in this lifetime, especially doing this work as a BQH practitioner; this was indeed the source of my empathic nature. I too have to cleanse myself after helping others as I have always been a sponge for the energy, pain, and suffering of others. This was an enormously helpful realization.

As we explored the life further, I lived modestly in the roots of a fallen tree, and my home was very basic. However, I seemed to have a lot of creative projects, many half-started ideas, and hobbies in between the helping of other beings in these other worlds. That was our job. We would go about our lives until the tree beings allowed a door to appear for us which allowed us to enter other worlds where we would assist them with the crossing over.

The trees were communicating with each other through a special membrane system they had underground; an intricate network of pathways that could send messages when someone required assistance. We would help anyone: animals, plants, other creatures like ourselves, and we would even help humans.  Many of them didn’t realize we were able to help them as they can no longer see us. However, man can still feel our kind when amongst nature, ad in forests. But with the indoctrination of religion, human’s ability to see the worlds of the nature spirits dwindled. I knew very little about these realms until this session. My practitioner, however, had a keen interest in these worlds, and she said that on many occasions during this session she had Goosebumps of truth as I spoke.

This experience awakened something within me that I will never forget.

My ever-increasing connection to the tree beings continue to grow as a deeper understanding of them awakens more and more since I had this session. I often visit them before facilitating sessions, as they are very willing to lend me their wise and grounding energy which I’m, so very grateful for. I will often hug and stroke their limbs, and there are times where I will bring them crystal offerings such rose quartz as a gesture of my gratitude.

Article by Nina Morrocco

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