Visible Evidence For Healing A Past Life Trauma

Visible Evidence For Healing A Past Life Trauma

Session Stories

A QHHT® Healing Story 

Written by QHHT® practitioner Tom Arild Waagbø

To get visible evidence for healing of a past life trauma in the form of corresponding marks on the client’s body the next day is very rare. I feel grateful for having facilitated a session where this was the case.

The client was a young woman in her late twenties. Even if it wasn’t among her main questions or reasons for wanting to have a session, one of the things Eva wanted to know about was why she didn’t like discussions. She always avoided or removed herself from situations where someone had a difference of opinion about something, even if it was just a calm discussion. Eva also conveyed that she is afraid to speak to others in fear that they might disagree with her. Nothing in her life could explain this irrational fear.

In the first life, she sees herself as a man in a village in the early 1900s. We explored a few scenes from that life but nothing of importance. It seems to be an ordinary life from that time period, but then something significant happened when I ask the man to move to the next important day. He found himself in a room with two other men. They are having a discussion about something and suddenly without warning he was brutally attacked by one of them. The attacker gets him down and presses his neck against a hard surface causing it to break. He dies from the injury.

Reliving scenes of a past life when in trance, it usually feels very realistic, just as if you are that person, animal or other conscious being. It’s important to emphasize that nobody ever gets to experience something that they are not able to handle. If a traumatic event is experienced, they will be reminded that they can pull away from the scene and watch as an observer without having to feel any pain or discomfort connected to it. We are always safe as our Higher Self knows us and protects us. It knows exactly what we need to experience in relation to our present life situation and future development.

After having explored another past life, this time as a woman, I asked to be connected to Eva’s Higher Self in order to have her questions answered. This is the part of the session where we can ask about anything, but also request that a scanning and healing of the client’s body is done. The Higher Self can heal anything and will always help when, or if appropriate. I usually ask for the scanning and healing to be initiated right away. The Higher Self has no problem with multitasking and will communicate with us while it’s doing the healing.

I have found that when a client isn’t able to have a productive session in terms of getting information, they will still receive appropriate healing. Even if a client may label his/her session as unsuccessful (if it didn’t go as expected), it will always be exactly what they needed, or what they were ready to receive at this time. If seen from a higher perspective there is no such thing as a failed session. There is always a reason for everything and thus something to learn from every situation.

Now back to Eva again. According to her, there was so much going on with her energetically during the Higher Self part that she simply could not relax and calm her mind enough to be able to pick up on what her Higher Self was trying to convey to her. She still had pain in her upper back, neck and head from the injury in the past life. She very clearly felt that she was being worked on in that area, but also with a lot of healing going on throughout the rest of her body.

After we had finished with the session she said that she felt incredibly tired. The pain in the neck area was still bothering her as the healing was still ongoing. This is not uncommon. Adverse reactions from healing are only temporary and usually go away quickly after the healing is completed.

Two days after the session Eva sent me a very long text message telling me that she had woken up in the morning feeling refreshed and without any pain. Her boyfriend suddenly noticed that she had a lot of bruises on her neck and wondered what the heck had happened to her! At first she didn’t understand what he was talking about but then it dawned on her. She assured me that there was absolutely nothing that had happened to her that could explain the bruising other than what she experienced in the session. She had gone to bed very early in the evening (08.30 pm), feeling exhausted and slept soundly through the whole night which was very unusual for her because of her sleeping problems.

Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to her to take a picture of the bruising that day as she had no pain. When she had contacted me two days after, the bruising was almost completely gone. I asked her to take a picture of it anyway, which she did. Only one bruise was still visible.

Visible Evidence For Healing A Past Life Trauma 1
Visible Evidence For Healing A Past Life Trauma

Visible Evidence For Healing A Past Life Trauma 2
Visible Evidence For Healing A Past Life Trauma

I believe that this story is evidence of the reality of reincarnation and that past life events can have a major impact on our present lives. It further proves that through the use of techniques like QHHT® we can bring up the events that still affect us. When we understand where it came from and what caused it to happen, it can be released and healing can occur. When something has served its purpose and we no longer need the reminder, the symptom will go away. However, QHHT® is not only about healing physical discomforts or removing emotional blockages. Looking at past-life events may also serve the purpose of giving us insights that may help initiate positive changes in any area of our life.. Our Higher Self will always direct us to the experiences that are the most beneficial for us to learn and grow from at the time of the session.

This is the review that Eva wrote on my profile

Totally amazing!

“I met with Tom to have a QHHT® session. Although I had my doubts and was unsure if this would work on me, it went beyond all my expectations. I received answers to my most important questions and gained insight into two of my previous lives that were of major importance to me and how I am today. I am left with a feeling that is completely indescribable. I now understand better who I am. I have a feeling of complete happiness that I could not manage to find on my own. This was an investment I will never regret and I hope that the people around me will have a session with Tom someday. QHHT® is not only helpful in regard to physical problems, but can also help remove emotional blockages from the past. Thank you very much for the help Tom.”

Thank you for reading!

Tom Arild Waagbø

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