Who Said Sasquatch Was Small?

Who Said Sasquatch Was Small?

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Here at Quantum Healers, we like nothing more than to see practitioners of all kinds become successful in their endeavors, and Lori Reed is truly stepping beautifully into her healing role.

In the following article, Lori writes about her recent BQH session, where the client experienced a life as a tall Sasquatch being. This experience was then related to her current life challenges and there were suggestions on how they may be overcome. 

Article by Lori Reed

I facilitated an online BQH session for a young, single, woman with no children and no pets, and in the early stages of awakening. Her primary intention for the session was to gain clarity on how to improve her connection with her Higher Self. Considering her chronic low energy and lethargy, she was afraid she would fall asleep during her session. I assured her she would do fine and not to worry.

Emotionally, the client feels something is blocking her from accessing her heart. She sees toxic relationships in every direction. She feels frustration, anger, jealousy and is full of distrust in Self and others. She is also deciding on whether to face a major decision to leave her position at a company of 9 years to alleviate the stress, which she feels drains her energy and more importantly her health. She feels locked in an 8-5 job with no motivation; knowing she just works to pay her bills.  Then fears of the unknown, as well as the uncertainty of her future regarding financial security, also come into play.

The BQH session begins, and we start in her beautiful place, where she describes a garden with a river-rock walkway that surrounds a pool of water. I have her see and enter a shimmering portal to the open universe where she finds herself traveling on a ship that seemed as though it was made of a fluid-like metal. She begins looking down upon an Earth-like sphere where she knows people live.

As the client moves to the surface, she passes through a pink atmosphere and places her feet on the Earth where the client sees herself as gigantic, where the trees are only as high as her knees.

Here is where we begin to follow the life as a hairy male Sasquatch from a different dimension. As Sasquatch, it is their job to feel the Earth’s pain, inflicted by humans, and then to honor it and let it go to be transmuted. Within the community of Sasquatch, this being finds himself with a partner and children, and they communicate with telepathy. In one experience, he is curious to see what would happen if he showed himself to humans. So he enters their dimension and gets shot. After which, he jumps back to his time-space dimension. Then he enters a cocoon-like bed for healing.

At the end of his life, the Sasquatch passes of old age, and looking back on that life, the client’s purpose was to learn what it’s like to live in a harmonious community with unconditional love. The lesson the client leaned was that of interdependence: How to lean on others for support and to see that others will care for him in times of need.

From the death scene, the client moves to meet with the Council of Light where she is planning her current life. All the members of the council are from varying alien races. She asks about her origins and is told it doesn’t matter because she is from many. Here, as she is discussing the task at hand, she feels great sadness and tension in her throat, sadness about her life having a lot of sadness. She understands that she had volunteered. She’s given confirmation that rainbows will be her sign that will represent ‘Light and magical moments.’ 

When I asked if any of the members of the council of Light was willing to answer the client’s questions, I didn’t get any response and no one stepped forward. So, I thought to take her to the Hall of Records where she was shown one of her ‘books of life,’ one of which was then given to her. I had her open the book and run her finger down the Index page, and I told her she would be shown which chapter to look at.

In the first chapter, her Higher Self showed her the chapter on Abandonment. There she remembers experiences as a child, where I then assisted her to speak with both her parents separately, discovering why they treated her the way they did; both for a reason they were working on in their own life and separately as a role they agreed to play for her. The reason they played the role they did was to allow her to appreciate true connection through experiencing the opposite; as in her case, the feelings of not being seen or understood.

In the second chapter, the Higher Self brought forth concepts of creativity. This brought on sadness, as well as tears; she felt sore in her throat. She discovered this was also tied to her parents and the feelings of abandonment, feeling as though they didn’t see the creativity that she had inside of herself as a child.

In the third chapter, the Higher Self brought forth Safety and Trust. It was stated by the Higher Self that this was tied to her internal guidance system. Again, the emotion of sadness presented itself when it was realized that she had been taught to not trust herself. 

Next, the chapter on Pleasure addressed her desire to shed religious dogma and cultural shaming of sexual interest. She’s matched up with a specialist that will lead her to people and information that will help transform her outlook on her sexuality. The Higher Self advises her that sexual energy is a creative energy force, and allows for a partner connection. 

Her question of having children was addressed in another chapter, where she was told she is still able to have children and she would be able to have them in this lifetime. 

The final chapter, that was used to provide knowledge and guidance, was that of her twin flame. She feels the presence of such an essence and was given an opportunity to understand the purpose of her twin flame and potential opportunities to interact and evolve with the embodiment of her twin flame. She’s told that twin flames are not always embodied within the same timeline, nor are they necessarily love interests. 

As we left the Hall of Records, I moved her 1year into the future to discover what she needed to know about where she will be working and what she will be doing. She was experiencing being on a month-long vacation after having left her current employment. When moving forward to after the vacation, she experienced a scene of working from home and enjoying what she was doing. 

During the body scan, we identified and cleared dark energy from behind her heart and in her left jaw. We also received the assistance of Archangel Michael to remove all the toxic cords connected to her and transmute all the dark and negative energies back to Source. She filled up the space where dark energy was removed with multi-colored lights, representing freedom and joy. Lastly, Archangel Michael transformed an ethereal breastplate he had on her chest to be more pliable as to allow good energies to pass through, yet identify and block negative and dark energies until she could do this on her own.

In asking what the best way for her to connect with her HS was, the Higher Self said that she needs to write down every insight that she gets daily. Putting it on paper gets it out of her head where her heart can pick up on it, and therefore integrate it more fully. I asked if she would be able to receive a physical sensation as confirmation from her Higher Self, where she then felt a tingling in her big right toe as a sign for her to remember the Higher Self’s presence.

In asking how she may continue to lighten her spirit, she was told she could move her hands, dance, and speak in light language; whatever makes her feel good will lift her vibration. 

Lori is located in Eugene, Springfield, Oregon, U.S.A, and you can contact her on the following link: https://www.quantumhealers.com/lorireed 

To find out more about Quantum Healing and BQH, you can also do so through the following link: https://www.quantumhealers.com/bqh

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